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The Econet backbone optic fibre map

Econet Zimbabwe terrestrial fibre map

We saw the map below in Econet’s financial results briefings for 2011 and thought to post it here. It shows the progress of the fibre backbone project that the largest mobile operators is working. As you can see, the section running from Harare through Bulawayo to Beitbridge is now fully operational. It also shows the fibre rings in Harare and Bulawayo have been completed.

Econet won’t say yet just how much capacity in international bandwidth the cable can carry, or how much capacity is lit at the moment, but that will surely be clear soon. The company now competes with state owned Internet Access Provider, PowerTel, in bringing in international internet bandwidth into Zimbabwe. Like we’ve written here before, a number of ISPs (ZOL included) already use the Econet fibre.

Econet Zimbabwe terrestrial fibre map

The full document of the financial results can be downloaded here.

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15 thoughts on “The Econet backbone optic fibre map

  1.  I can sense a high chance of potential monopoly in Telecomms industry in Zimbabwe. 

  2. I think it is amazing that they have accomplished so much in such a short time.  I appluad them and as always will continue to ride on the econet network for all my voice and data needs.

  3. I think it is amazing that they have accomplished so much in such a short time.  I appluad them and as always will continue to ride on the econet network for all my voice and data needs.

    1. Agreed. Econet should be applauded for achieving this. I think when we all look back to this time, it will all come into perspective clearly just how big a contribution Econet made to the advancement advancement of ICTs in Zim.

      choosing Econet for all your connectivity needs is of-course a different matter. 

      1.  Soul, 
        Personally for me this is what determined my service choice.
        1. The ability to make local and international video calls is a big hit for me i get to see my loved ones outside of the country.
        2. When I have a good 3G signal I am able to download at good speeds.  I have run some speed tests and I get about 1mb down on a good day.  My basestation is Pocketshill so maybe thats a factor.
        3. For my fixed wimax, I have an unlimited package so that spends the entire day downloading the big files.  I use it to game and it runs skype video like a charm.
        4. The ability to roam in other countries and the prospect of blackberry services makes me smile.
        5.  Finally unlike other operators when Econet embarks on something they go all the way.  Some other IAP’s deploy one wimax base station or test technologies that are not standard in Zimbabwe etc. (Valley for instance)  I am not faulting them however my phone is an HTC Desire HD and i know it would not work on that network.
        6.  I believe that rates will continue to be slashed as the network recovers from the initial investment.  Its no secret that in Zimbabwe we do not have 20 year bonds to finance these sort of projects.

        finally the prosepect that they probably have a think tank.  Coming up with the latest technology.  I wouldnt be suprised at all if its the latest thing maybe LTE who knows?

        besides did you read the press today.  Did you see those phenomenal rates for fiber? 

        I am sorry but they won me over a long time ago.

        1. I agree with you on the financing. We are co-funding the fibre through exorbitant fees, but i think as competition and when they have recouped a portion of their initial costs, it will come down for good. If I was a businessman and not a consumer, i would do the same. (But I am a consumer…….I want the cheap broadband now!)

  4. good good for me as long as they improve there customer care lm not worried about how many times they are going to monopolize 

  5. What is the sense in laying fibre where companies like powerte
    l already have fibre. Cant they pull resources and network the whole country first then duplicate. i hear Telone, Africom and Pwertel are all laying fibre in the Harare-Mutare route.I wonder.Anyway i thank Econet for fast tracking the catch up game in our telecoms

    1.  The sense behind is that when you lay your own fibre, you have control over it in terms of offering services to your customer. You can determine how much you are going to charge because you are not buying any bandwidth from other providers then resell it to your customer. You can upgrade it with little expense if demand arise and introduce other services at your own will.

      At the national level it means redundancy, it means if Powertel goes down, they is still internet connection in Zim. lt means competition between ISPs to provide better service to attract customers hence lower prices if everything start to work.

      lf any ISP have the resources to dig the ground, its a good idea!

  6.  Great posts. I applaud Econet and all other Telcos just of the effort to provide communications to the masses. Such a vital resource to the advancement of a nation an its people.

    Any idea how the civil work is conducted? Is it always a Re-dig when a telco wants to lay its own fibre? Or is there a cable pull tunnel? 

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