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Cruz Reader tablet giveaway: Spot what’s missing

Econet Broadband Billboard

As you enter Harare’s CBD, a couple of massive billboards scream for your attention. They form a key part of Econet’s goliath advertising blitz. We spotted something missing from this particular ad, and thought of it as a great way to hold a competition.

Clue: It’s the first thing you’d expect to be there (On the billboard…)

Econet Broadband Billboard

The Winner will receive a Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet Reader R 101. You can read the article we posted about the tablet this morning. The process is as follows:

  1. Post your answer as a comment. The comment doesn’t need to be just the answer, you can say other thoughts as well.
  2. This competition runs until tomorrow (15 June) 1700hrs local time.
  3. We’ll get all the correct answers, put the names in a hat and do a draw here at the office. We’ll announce the winner as an update to this story soon after the draw. The winner will collect the tablet at our offices in Alex Park.
  4. This is open to anybody in Zimbabwe.


We’ve done the draw and the winner is the first comment (strange hey) by 1c0n1c. We will contact 1c0n1c through the email address he provided. If the tablet is not collected within a week, we’ll draw another name. Thank you all so much for participating.

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    60 thoughts on “Cruz Reader tablet giveaway: Spot what’s missing

    1. Seriously!!! Anyone can tell that FACEBOOK is missing from the list of tech companies on that billboard! I mean people use google, twitter, yahoo and youtube but to omit facebook is a serious crime on Econet’s part!!!

      1. I think a religious reference from the Bible is whats missing. What happend to the Re Born Ad/Marketing manager? hee hee

    2. Facebook not included. I mean that should be the most visible of all.

    3. A tablet pc is missing from that billboard. Other gadgets which use the service being advertised are there except a tablet pc.

    4. Its been said over and over again, yes Its facebook logo thats missing – one would think it was deliberately ‘removed’ since logically, its supposed to be between the skype logo and the Eco chinyi logo.

    5. well it depends who you are….if you travel with sirens pushing people off the road it is missing one logo, or if you are everyone else it is missing a wave “hello” 

    6. Its the Facebook logo. 

      Has anyone noticed how the Telecomms companies are digging up the whole of CBD pavements laying out their fibre cables but after their work is done they forget to properly put back the concrete slabs as they were before. Most of the times they just cover the trenches with cement but doing  shoddy work.Witness this along Nelson Mandela Ave starting from the Parkade area.You wonder where will be the City council to check on these guys!

      1. Thanks for that my brother, everytime I walk along ZB Towers it feels like I almost fell into the their “dodgy traps” every step of the pavement.

        We could have a story about that too….

      1. read for details about the tablet.

    7. i’d have to say Facebook man. Not necessarily the FIRST thing i’d expect
      to see but it has got to be there given how popular it is with their
      target market.

    8. It’s obviously Facebook and considering their spaming of eTxT really bad of them to miss this one on their proofing of the billboard. Hahaha even okes at Econet are just human.

    9. the lights on the top of the billboard, that should be on the end of the poles on the top

    10. They are advertising their Broadband and the should be also on the advert to serve you more details. 

    11. Facebook of course, but they could add Nimbuzz, its way more familiar to the mobile internet community than Skype and Youtube.

      But why would I visit their website, it’s useless if not inaccessible..?

    12. They’re missing the TechZim logo…. I mean dah, who on this earth is not visiting the TechZim site on an hourly basis??? This would have made their billboard more serious!!!

    13. It’s 1700hrs : the competition is closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. The correct answer we were looking for is Facebook. We’ll do the draw tomorrow morning and announce the winner. Check back for an update. 

    14.  Facebook and where to find the nearest econet outlet for visitors, detail of location!

    15. Thanx to the techzim team, i am now a proud owner of a Cruz Reader… Now let me take the tour…

    16. its not facebook…facebook doesnt HAVE to be there….it’s their website address…how can they be ‘selling internet’ without their own ‘internet presence’…???? Where do we get more information then??? IT’S THE WEBSITE ADDRESS!!!

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