Telecel reimburses subscribers for mobile broadband charged without POTRAZ approval


At the beginning of May, we posted an article titled “Telecel started the paid broadband test without POTRAZ approval?”.  The issue was that Telecel was charging customers for broadband before POTRAZ had given the green light. In fact they hadn’t even asked for approval.  We contacted Telecel about this and they basically said it wasn’t an issue. Here’s what they told us:


Telecel has sent an official letter to POTRAZ, informing it of the developments with its 3G project and the rates currently charged for the extended 3G pilot project.

However, it is important to remember that this is only a pilot project that includes a limited number of Telecel subscribers. Telecel has not yet launched its data services commercially.


A few days ago, we received information that in response to our article, Telecel immediately notified POTRAZ of the developments. In short, they were downplaying the issue but did realise they had jumped the gun.

POTRAZ then directed Telecel to reimburse all the subscribers charged for mobile broadband use between the 1st of May and the day the approval was granted.

Telecel did reimburse the subscribers, quietly.

We have asked Telecel about the airtime reimbursements and we got no response.

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