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Econet chairman: Cut us some slack, we’re doing the best we can

Tawanda Nyambirai

Tawanda NyambiraiEconet had an AGM on Friday which brought out very interesting information, Newsday has a story on this. For starters NetOne and TelOne reportedly owe a collective $70million; the said debt has been outstanding for a while now such that Econet has approached government to assist with recovering it. TelOne is acknowledged as admitting its liabilities and actually paying, albeit in small amounts. NetOne on the other hand is being taken to court.

Every good tale has its climax; accordingly Tawanda Nyambirai (Econet’s chairman) is quoted as stating the following:

Our network is going through a lot of work, and when people judge us they should judge us the same way as other companies that have gone through tough times. We are doing the best that we can to improve our customer care

Basically, the chairman is asking Zimbabwe to cut them some slack. Maybe we’re being a bit too ‘judgemental’ but for a company with a proud Zimbabwean heritage it appears to be prioritising super profits in place of affordability and quality. Just us? We would love to know your thoughts on this dear reader.

Prior to making this statement Tawanda Nyambirai is reported to have announced that $5 million is going to be invested in its customer care services. He also said the company realised that its call centres were not enough to meet the needs of its 5.7 million subscribers. Strangely, POTRAZ subscriber stats at the end of June showed Econet had some 4.2 million subscribers. If we go by the new record high announced at the AGM, this means the mobile operator has signed on some 1.5 million subscribers in less than a month! Likely?

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

8 thoughts on “Econet chairman: Cut us some slack, we’re doing the best we can

  1. we will cut you some slack when you price normally and when you start delivering service as promised….did you knw that it takes you 2+ months to apply for a contract line, and when you get one you cant migrate your current number you have to get a new sim card…..who does that…

  2. could somebody help me which mobile internet is good for Skype video for my laptop, I  mean speed and price. I am told to try econet  how good is it? 

    1. Econet fast but extremely expensive esp for bandwidth hungry skype video.

      I wouldve advised ADSL with another ISP but last I heard, Telone(dotmore) had stopped applications for the service through third parties…possibly making way for their technology.

      Unless you have the pocket to back it, I dont think Skype Video would do you well in this still-very-new Zim broadband era

  3. The only cutting that should be happening is that of prices. No slack cutting for now. In Zimbabwe how much slack must you cut before people start earning what they charge. Excutives are importing luxury cars and building mansions. Econet declared a profit for goodness sake. I have an idea. let’s cut bonuses Huh??? Mr TN how about that? We won’t cut any slack we are not stupid. Econet is on our last collective nerve! If they are not careful we will simply walk out (I did) alternatives are numerous these days. 

    Imagine a Mercedese Benz advert that goes like this (“The New X-Class, Its too expensive, unsafe and ugly. Cut us some slack just buy it we’ve been through tough times”).They can’t continue to get credit for amazing staff they did in the late 90’s So what? Masiyiwa charted new frontiers! Thanks a million but hey! guess what I can’t browse the internet with that. Here is word of the day “Liquidation”. Slack????????????  HA HA HA!

  4. On a more sympathetic note though I must say. Well done Econet you held through when it mattered. You installed generators when Zesa couldn’t fix theirs. You remained optimistic and inspired. You gave Zimbabwe a semblance of innovation at a time when the world looked back at us. Although the service got so crapy at a point in time, you kept trying to make ends meet. Rhanks for that.

    Now, however it’s time we moved on. There is no way Econet can fail to achieve what some smaller companies in Zim can achieve. Customer Care e.t.c ? No way in hell can Econet allege that they are doing “the best they can”. Ha! They are taking advantage of the market, that’s all.  Not for long though, we will squeeze them into submission.Soon the’ll be operating at razor thin profit margins like normal Companies should!

  5. i think econet is bullshit
    it takes us zimbos as nuts
    out there in botswana ,nigeria etc they do a good job coz there is real competition.

    nw in zim they try to cut competition by creating ghost companies such as valley,spiritage,liquid to appear like there is competition
    thts all lies

    nyambirai,wazara,masiiwa,chirairo u are absolutely doin nothng fo us zimbos
    cut out

    1. lol so y bother with econet? why not just go to Telecell? support them? they make money they expand and will be in par with Econet. else i believe in no slack for Econet. they are big because of ripping off clients. they charge exorbitant rates. service is whack. so why cut back? till things improve, people must not relent but in fact increase the complaints. 

  6. stealing from customers is not the best business practice. If Econet does not think that Customer care is important stop ploughing your money where you know there will be no harvest. NetOne will soon have its broadband launched and strongly feel that all our communication problems will be at thing of the past.

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