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Some Opera tips for saving mobile internet bundles

A little over a week ago, we posted some interesting stats from a report published by Opera, makers of the popular Opera Mini mobile internet browser. Opera also included some tips on optimizing internet usage on mobile devices and we thought you would find them handy. Most of us have limited data plans and buy expensive internet bundles from the mobile operators so these tips can help save a few dollars.

The geeks among you will find a lot of it just common sense, but the rest will probably learn a thing or two. Here:

  • Open the full email only if necessary. Open email attachments sparingly, if at all.
  • Manage your apps’ hunger for mobile data. Disable push notifications.
  • Consider using a smart mini browser, like Opera Mini. These keep you from downloading too much data to your phone.
  • Spotify is awesome, but use your locally-stored playlist when on the go.
  • Update and download apps over WiFi.
  • Consider using mobile friendly webpages. Our research shows they shave a significant amount of data that otherwise would count against your cap.
  • Turn off images when nearing your cap. Most browsers make it easy. In Opera Mini, just click Settings > Load Images.
  • Avoid HD video on YouTube when browsing on a mobile connection. Just 10 minutes of HD video per day fills a standard 2GB plan.

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3 thoughts on “Some Opera tips for saving mobile internet bundles

  1. …and please school the guys at that we are now browsing using our mobile phones so their site should be mobile friendly.

  2. tell the mobile news sites to offer the mobi version as well. I like new, because all their headline are on one page, so after reading a story, you don’t need to go back………….on operamini, you just zoom out, click the next story………saving you a few quid on reloading the main page by going back.

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