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Pictures: BarCamp Zimbabwe and the Startup Challenge


Yesterday, we spent the day at BarCamp Zimbabwe. It was a busy day of which we had a total blast!  The Startup Challenge went well too, 16 startups pitched in front of the whole audience, of these 7 went through to the second round.

Out of the 7, two emerged as the finalists out of an initial plan to have 5. A followup pitching event will be conducted at the Miekles in which new startups are open to pitch and fill in the remaining 3 spots in the buildup to the finals on a date to be announced.

A big thank you to all the people that made the event happen; the startups, sponsors, participants, presenters, organisers, everybody that put their hand to make it happen. Thank you all.

Here are a couple of photos from the event. We’ll post more on Facebook and Flicker once we get some good internet.


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14 thoughts on “Pictures: BarCamp Zimbabwe and the Startup Challenge

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  3. You mean to tell me all the posing that we did, just a slight glimps of us???
    Hmmmmm, conspiracy… kidding, it was a blast, networking and seeing ideas that were…. were… were… different.
    Still in shock though as to how our USSD directory and classifieds didn’t make it…
    How do we get feedback to “polish up”????

  4. This is the day I have been waiting for. Even though was not there to witness the growth of entrepreneurship for the young and alike, I am glad that the doors are open for any innovator, high schooler to stay at home mom, to be able to pitch their ideas at some point to investors for funding and for the interested to observe zimbabwean entrepreneurship take off.  Thanks to all for putting this together and making it a success. Thanks to Techzim for..well you know what they do best.

  5. ideas are free ,but financing is not,innovation is the key to a killer concept .Zimbabwe has no shortage of solutions and innovation we just needto harness it for the greater good

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