Press Release: Econet launches SMS campaign for Somalia aid

Econet Wireless ZimbabweECONET Wireless has launched a campaign that enables its customers to send desperately needed aid relief to famine-stricken Somalia via SMS.

The “Save a Life” SMS campaign will raise funding to support an international aid effort in Somalia, where a combination of the worst drought in 60 years and armed conflict has left an estimated 3.7 million people in desperate need of food aid.

Econet customers will be able to donate to the cause by sending the SMS “Save a Life” to the number 32225. The money raised from the text messages would go directly to UNICEF, which is involved in the coordination of international aid efforts in Somalia


“Econet Wireless is a global brand, and one founded in Faith. We are gravely concerned by this African tragedy, as are our customers. This SMS platform allows us to jointly respond to this crisis as best as we can,” Econet Corporate Communications Manager Ranga Mberi said.

Econet has pledged to match the amount raised by its customers, and also announced an additional donation of US$250,000 to the aid effort.

“It is our hope that this donation will trigger a wave of support from individuals, corporates and other relief organizations, into providing the much needed aid to the people of Somalia”.

The drought threatens up to 12 million people across the Horn of Africa, but conflict in southern Somalia has increased the urgency in the region.

According to latest United Nations reports, about US$1.6 billion is required in direct aid, with US$300 million of it required in the next month to allow aid groups to mount an adequate response to the famine.

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3 thoughts on “Press Release: Econet launches SMS campaign for Somalia aid

  1. this is a wonderful idea, what about Econet employees? how can they respond to this initiative in terms of donations. i also thought ECONET had CSR partners who have Capacity like CT or CCPT or NHCT who could go and help the cause in Somalia on the ground instead of the money being channelled through UNICEF, this would develop their profile for disaster responsiveness, it would also increase ECONET’s profile of practical response to disaster instaed of just beinga  fundraiser. Come on Zimbabwe lets start thinking like leaders and use the God given capacity we have to make a difference.

  2. With so much in terms of AID needed in Zimbabwe, for our own people do you support ECONET sending money to SOMALIA?
    To vote please follow the below instructions.
    ·         Go to  New Message
    ·         To:- 0775 552 719
    ·         Body of the Message  type the word SOM  then leave a space then Type NO or Type YES.
    Sending SOM NO to 0775552719 means that you feel that Econet should not send money to Somalia when there is so much need for AID in Zimbabwe.
    Sending SOM YES to 0775552719 you feel that Econet should send money to Somalia .

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