Pictures: the Startup Challenge on 15 August 2011

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We spent the better part of today at the Startup Challenge interacting with tech startups and watching them demo. It was an exciting day, filled with a lot of great ideas presented by some of the most interesting Zimbabweans in tech. It’s not easy to explain how it feels to be amoung such amazing people and watch them passionately talk about their startups.

Today’s event was so we could come up with some 10 startups who will pitch to the panel of judges tomorrow 16 August 2011. Tomorrow is where the remaining 3 finalist slots will be filled. The total number of finalists is 5. 2 of those 5 were filled by Mukela Travel and AVis Visual Package at the BarCamp on 3 August.

Tomorrow’s panel of judges is composed of; David Behr (Founder & CEO ZOL), Bester Zambuko (Founder & CEO Adrenalin), John Mberi (CEO Afrosoft) and Geof Goss (Tech Venture Capitalist & CEO of Matamba Anonaka).

Here are a few photos from today that we uploaded to Flickr. Watch out for more updates tomorrow!

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  1. Art (The Idea Factory)

    ok this is cool, but not so cool, because I want to ask you for the url to the videos if you have them. Anyhooo, great stuff guys, stil would love to see the videos if any.

  2. BaDali

    Wish there was caption on photos. Curious to know what the guy with newspaper turned upside down was up to.

    1. I-read

      if you have a look at the flickr stream there are captions there –

      1. BaDali

        Thanks @ebc12c31f238923464ab818d3493f538:disqus and @kabweza:disqus

    2. L.S.M. Kabweza

      @BaDali really sorry for not captioning. The guy in question was stressing why Real Estate advertising should move to the internet. He was pitching a startup called OnePage Property.

      @I-read thanks for coming to the rescue!

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