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Opera Mobile Report: Zimbabwe is Africa’s biggest growth market


According to a document known as The State of Mobile Report, published by Opera (the world’s leading mobile internet browser) and containing information for June 2010-June 2011; Zimbabwe was consistently ranked in the top 10 mobile internet users in key ranking categories along with Morocco. The report ranks the continent’s biggest mobile internet markets (for Opera) as follows:

  1. Nigeria
  2. South Africa
  3. Kenya
  4. Ghana
  5. Sudan
  6. Zimbabwe
  7. Tanzania
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Zambia
  10. Morocco

In terms of growth Zimbabwe was ranked as the fastest growing market in terms of page view growth, unique visitors, data transfer. The report’s biggest highlight for Zimbabwe is that the country is the biggest overall African market in terms of page views per user. Mobile internet users in Zimbabwe view 713 web pages on average per month. What this says for us here at Techzim is that there is a massive hunger for VAS (Value Added Services) and relevant content. Zimbabwe only has 12.5 million people (the lowest population among the top ten), and yet managed to beat Nigeria (156 million), South Africa (50 million) and other giants of Africa in terms of usage per user.


Update: As discussed below with Tapiwa; Zimbabwe’s leadership position as the leading page views per user market for Opera in Africa  is not directly significant in the context of population per se. It rather has more relevance where literacy and the hunger for information is concerned (quality of population). Zimbabwe beat all African markets and hot emerging markets around the world (Brazil,India,China) in this area. Only Russia ,Belarus and Ukraine( former USSR state) have higher page views per user in the report. They all have Russian sites dominating their top ten list . This clearly affirms Zimbabwe’s potential as an ICT and BPO services hub on a GLOBAL scale.

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