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The impact of the politics that dog Telecel Zimbabwe

In January this year, we wrote an article titled “Politics and technology: the goings on at Telecel”. Here’s a small extract from the article:

Normally we like to keep clear of non-technology issues. It allows to focus and write about the things we know best. People at Telecel (or just people with interests in Telecel) however keep spending generous amounts of time generating news on the other side of the line. And it clearly affects the technology side of things at Telecel.

Embroiled in allegations of racism, reps with sticky fingers, under-qualified expats, unprocedural tenders, disgruntled local employees and indigenization squabbles, Telecel’s technology suffers. The business suffers. The consumers are left to the mercy of a near monopoly.

Despite the fact that a healthy Telecel is a win-win for stakeholders, somehow the stakeholders just keep feeding the flames.

You can imagine therefore how we feel as we read current reports that the “Telecel managing director has been failing to renew his work permit”.

The results of all this are clear for everyone to see:

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4 thoughts on “The impact of the politics that dog Telecel Zimbabwe

  1. That’s not as big a change as it first seems (I bust out my spreadsheet for this). In 2007, Telecel had 27.44% of the market (I’ll be ignoring the fact that Net*one exists in this comment). In 2011, its share shrunk to 22.22%. It ceded 5.21% of its share.

    1. The percentage changes are a bit deceiving because the numbers are coming from a low base. Slice it into numbers…….Telecel added 955000, while econet added 3,5 mill, its a bit worrying considering that they were ahead in terms of service quality and they are a private company. Chances open to econet were open to them too. 

  2. Telecel must remain strictly business, it seems in every country they operate they are always ready to jump into politics and every given opportunity!

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