Day 1 of Zimbabwe ICT Africa 2011 (Pictures)

We’re just from the first day of ICT Africa 2011. The first day is dedicated to business and invited guests, though really no one is prevented from attending. We spent most of the day going around the stands and speaking to people about the stuff their tech companies are doing.

There are a few interesting things we will be posting here. Not many, just a few. Most of the exhibitions are things we already know about the companies. It’s more an opportunity to learn more about the products than to see new products.

We would want more but we’re not complaining; the place is busier than last year and the people we’re meeting a lot livelier. It’s a refreshing break from our everyday business having so many techies and tech entrepreneurs in one place.


As expected, both YoAfrica and ZOL, the two biggest ISPs locally that normally make a big show at this exhibition, were not there this year.  The two were conspicuous by their absence. Hey Yo & ZOL, where are you?

There are quite a number of Internet Providers still that are exhibiting; Africom, Utande (yes, they’re here this year), TelOne, Econet, Frampol, Telecontract and Telecel.

We took some photos of the exhibition for those that didn’t make it there today. We’ve posted them to our Facebook page (remember to like it).

Here are a few more we selected:

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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5 thoughts on “Day 1 of Zimbabwe ICT Africa 2011 (Pictures)

  1. I think there should be a Start Up event at the ICT Africa to create excitement around the event. Buyers mostly buy these gadgets from outside and downtown shops so there isn’t much new items to demo or see from zim it vendors. You remember how the start up challenge became key to Barcamp. What are the conferences about? I will probably need to attend the presentations for networking

  2. WOW! There are some really amazing Technologies being exhibited. It so amazing to get together and discover all the services and products being offered.

  3. Thanks for the article, could’t attend. But from the above I’m worried that its the same traditional names and exhibitors every year. That says something about stunted growth in the sector. A tech start-up sideshow is a great idea.

    I agree no need really to call it ICT Africa when numerous other ICT exhibits are being held all over the continent by really big organizers such as Informa Media who don’t even consider Zimbabwe a market.
    telecomadvisor at

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