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Zimbabwe ICT Africa 2011’s best exhibitions

Yesterday, on the second day of ICT Africa 2011, the Vice President of Zimbabwe, Joice Mujuru presented awards to the most outstanding exhibitions.

Two awards were presented, the first for the best stand at the exhibition and the second for the most innovative product.

The first award was won by Document Support Centre, the official representatives of Xerox in Zimbabwe.

VP Joice Mujuru hands over award to DSC representatives while ICT Minister Chamisa & COMSA President Mukusha look on

Here’s a picture of the Document Support Centre stand that won them the award.

The second award went to Utande, an Internet Access Provider. The product that won the price is a cloud computing platform the company has launched to deliver Software as a Service. Utande demonstrated a live Sage ERP application running on their cloud platform.

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3 thoughts on “Zimbabwe ICT Africa 2011’s best exhibitions

  1. Kabweza, interesting thing that Utande won. However, i am curious to know about their cloud product(Their website -if it can even be called one- has noting on it). I had always been wondering about the cloud platform in Zimbabwe. I’m sure you would know better, maybe a small article sometime? lol (sorry to task you). I am personally keen on knowing…

    -who’s making inroads on cloud computing in Zim-what sort of services have been availed on the cloud thus far
    -cloud hosting solutions currently available
    -costs associated with it in Zimbabwe
    -limitations on cloud computing in the Zimbabwean market
    -possible players who could use cloud computing right now in Zim
    -current alternative hosts for the cloud for Zim businesses other than those hosted overseas.I know it might be a lot, but it would definitely make an eye-opening article and could prove indispensable to a lot of people/SMBs/entrepreneurs

  2. You cant talk of the cloud if you haven’t at all finished what should evaporate the water in first place.

    Learning from the bible. The cloud came out of the masses of water that the Lord had to store somewhere.

    Zimbabwe doesn’t have much of the heat to vapor that water apart from the Companies. Let the companies that should heat the water create the proper backbones to the internet water stream first do their step.

    Zim needs to start talking of Cloud when access speeds are fast enough. Else they will create a flop and mess allot in the name of the clouds.

    I was at TechEd and Microsoft SA will only be talking of AZURE in 2012 to mention the least but many companies are investing in Cloud solutions. I say that coz I work for a Microsoft partner that’s building such solutions. Comparing the two countries based on just internet structure I would hold my mouth.

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