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Details of the 2011 ICT Achievers Awards winners

We promised to post the details of the winners of this year’s Zimbabwe ICT Achievers awards. Many of our readers have requested this information. So here they are. We got the details from the Zimbabwe Ministry of ICT and we’re posting all the information as is.


Top ICT rural school of the year: Chogugudza Primary School

Chogugudza Primary School is in Goromonzi District of Mashonaland East Province and is one of the biggest rural schools with an enrolment of up 1600 pupils.

Through the support, cooperation and integrity exhibited by parents, teacher and pupils at the school, Chogugudza Primary School managed to complete a computer laboratory which is a masterpiece. Now the school has computer hardware, such as 40 computers for pupils, 2 computers for teacher, 2 servers, one project, 1 printer and an internet running through VSAT.

Currently 15 teachers have been trained in the application of E- Learning programmes software and the others are to be trained as well so that the whole staff of 40 teachers are computer literate.


Top ICT educator of the year (Individual/Institution)   eLearning Solutions

eLearning Solutions deploys education specific technologies, highly interactive digital content and related professional development. Pursuant to its educator role it has:

  • Trained and certified 30 Intel® Teach Master Trainers
  • Trained and certified over 200 Intel® Teach Participant Teachers who had little to no computer experience acquire technology literacy skills and develop 21st century approaches to teaching and learning, this is a continuous process,
  • Trained and training the above teachers how to teach students on how to use and integrate technology into their learning process,
  • Addressed more than 1000 school heads from the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe through a key note address at the National Association of Primary School Heads’ conference
  • Addressed provincial and district education transformation meetings,
  • Conducted intensive workshops for 160 school heads and their SDC committees,
  • Exhibited at ZITF, ICT Africa and Harare Agricultural Show.
  • Publish and distribute newsletters and submit articles which are being published in the national newspaper,

Been interviewed by the national television and radio broadcaster on ICT in education


Top NGO Promoter of ICTs: International Institute for Development Facilitation (IIDF)

The International Institute for Development Facilitation (IIDF) is a registered Trust in Zimbabwe (Reg No. 0000812/09). The Trust promotes rural development through; institutional strengthening of local development structures, building village economies, strengthening community health delivery systems, leadership development, strengthening community documentation and information management systems.

Within its wide portfolio of projects, the Institute is facilitating the implementation of the   Mhakwe Multipurpose Cultural Centre project (MMPCC) in Mhakwe Ward of Chimanimani District.  The project resulted in the establishment of a community centre equipped with Information Communication Technologies (computers, internet facilities through V-Sat, library, Video facilities, Television set, Geographical Information System) and a community museum. The centre is linked to computer laboratories at Mhakwe Primary and Secondary Schools through radio link. IIDF provided IT equipment and raised awareness on the importance of ICTs in local development.


Top ICT Journalist of the year: Paul Nyakazeya

Paul Nyakazeya is the chief business reporter for the Zimbabwe Independent newspapers, who believes that ICT is the major driver for economic growth of all countries. In the past, a nation’s wealth was largely a function of its endowment of natural resources, its labour force and its accumulated capital base. The “new” wealth of nations places increasing emphasis on knowledge in its various embodied forms. As a journalist, he feels that the media should highlight how ICTs permit information and knowledge to expand in quantity and accessibility. In many fields there is the possibility of unprecedented new tools for development. In such fields as agriculture, health, education, human resources and environmental management, the consequences could be revolutionary.

ICTs have enormous potential especially for developing countries in furthering sustainable development. This year he has covered stories on how ICTs have transformed the motoring industry, education and government. He has also covered ICT conferences, mobile penetration rates in Zimbabwe and Africa and an analysis on the mobile phone industries.


Top public sector website of the year: Zimbabwe Human Capital (

The Zimbabwe human Capital Website is an initiative under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education. The website is a response to the effects of the brain drain phenomenon which was caused by the flight of skilled professionals during the economic downturn. The website facilitates and contributes to the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe through mobilizing human skills and investment potential amongst Zimbabweans within and outside the country. The website therefore disseminates information on employment, consultancy and investment opportunities in Zimbabwe   that skilled workers, professionals and investors (local and abroad) may want to take advantage of.


Top Web Developer of the year: Chartered Systems Integration

Chartered System Integration (Pvt) Ltd (CSI) enjoys the distinction of being a leading provider of solutions and services in the realm of finance. Chartered System Integration is engaged in the design, development, integration and implementation of domain solutions across major banking, capital markets, revenue authority and governmental platforms.

Today CSI has not only carried out expert and comprehensive solutions in Zimbabwe, but has also ventured into Zambia, where they are working with the Zambian National Commercial Bank, Zambia Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Finance and Planning.


Top Young ICT Innovator of the year: Tawanda Chikosi (Electronic Systems)

A Young and Distinguished graduate of the University of Zimbabwe, Chikosi Tawanda is a visionary technology entrepreneur whose mission is the unwavering pursuit of innovative technologies that mitigate critical problems in the everyday lives of Zimbabwean citizens.

A member of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), Junior Chamber International, JCI Harare Chapter and Venture Capital for Africa, Tawanda is the Chief Operations Officer of Electronic Systems, Inc.

In support of the National Vision for the fight against crime in Zimbabwe, Tawanda has pioneered an internationally recognized Laptop Anti-Theft & Computer Theft Recovery system in the country. Upon partnering with Kasperky of Russia, Tawanda was the first young individual to introduce a mobile phone anti-theft, tracking and recovery system in Zimbabwe. Having been inspired by a burning desire to increase proceeds to charity from Lottery operators in Zimbabwe, Tawanda for the first time in Zimbabwe, has brought in a system that allows mobile phone subscribers to play Lotto on their mobile phones. To assist the country in the fight against road accidents, Chikosi Tawanda has introduced a driver anti-sleep technology that ensures that drivers do not fall asleep whilst driving that will continue to positively impact us as a country.


Top Innovative Company of the year: Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

The history of the Econet brand is one of the most remarkable success stories in Africa today.  This brand has not only transformed lives in Zimbabwe, but it has grown to become a truly multinational brand, spinning a web that spans over ten countries, more than 15 million customers and generating more than $5 billion in annual revenues.  Econet is easily one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the world.

Econet continues to lead the way on the innovation front. The brand has been built on a solid foundation of pioneering and product leadership. The launch of EcoCash mobile money service is a clear testimony of the company’s understanding of market needs and market dynamics.  Econet broadband has transformed the data landscape. Ecolife mobile life assurance and Econet Solar are some of Econet’s ground breaking innovations.


Top ICT Improved Company of the year: Telecel Zimbabwe

  1. The first operator to provide data services across our entire subscriber base
  2. Provided bonus data for all subscribers using the popular MegaJuice cards to improve testing and reach of  the services nationwide
  3. Launched mobile banking services on an open platform with selected banks on Zimswitch giving access of such services to at least 85% of the current banked population
  4. Continued to pioneer offering value to the Zimbabwean public through affordable pricing of products and services including data, SIM cards, international calling and the offer of one rate across all networks
  5. Launched a dedicated SMS recharge cards called MegaText providing additional value for texting subscribers
  6. Extended their coverage by an additional 127 sites countrywide covering both 2G and 3G and many more are coming
  7. Opened new fully functional regional cooperate offices in Victoria Falls, Masvingo and Chinhoyi with more offices planned for next year
  8. Received numerous awards including the ZIM Customer Service Excellence 2011 and the best stand at the ZITF 2011.


Top ICT Supportive Bank: Kingdom Bank

Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited (KFHL) is a financial Services Group with Investments in commercial banking, asset management, microfinance and stock broking. The innovative financial services group embarked on a drive to assist local schools in implementing the e- learning program which enables them to share ideas and resources among themselves and the rest of the world.

To date some of the schools that have benefited from this e-learning program are Alexandra Park Primary School, Hillcrest College, Gateway Primary School and Eaglesvale School.


Top ICT Project of the Year (Private sector): SETA Foundation

SETA stands for Society for Engineering and Technology in Africa. SETA works to bring productive skills to schools, colleges, universities and organized youth groups.

Seta is the integration of theoretical science and mathematics education in colleges and schools into Practical Science education infused with the production of Scientific Equipment and the mentorship of technopreneurship to pupils and students at schools, colleges, universities and organized communities. The project attempts to thrust upon students and youths, live business issues where solutions must emanate from each one of them under supervision by seasoned Captains of Industry and Commerce. Students are exposed to all facets of engineering production and must innovate further in the production of Powerful Brands for sale in the local and export markets.

Seta Foundation is providing practical productivity focused training in order to usher into the next generation, a sophisticated African capable of competing in technology productivity with the rest of mankind. Seta Foundation has established a team of specialist Trainers who have acquired the skills to teach the manufacture of high tech technology equipment and utilize the experience acquired at Mukonitronics. The Trainers provide mentorship to the students in design technologies, draughtsman ship, precision metal processing, plastics, electronics and business management.


Top Project of the year (Public Sector): TelOne (Harare –Byo- Mutare fibre project)

The Harare-Mutare-Forbes Border project is the first phase of the National Fibre Optic Broadband Network rollout. The project which is a high capacity fibre optic transmission link connected to the East African Submarine System (EASSy) was commissioned this year 2011.

The project is an important milestone that has brought about affordable and reliable high speed internet access and enhanced voice and data services, placing Zimbabwe firmly on the path to a truly digital Zimbabwe. The link has an initial capacity of 10 Gigabits per second, which is sufficient for current national requirements, but can be quickly expanded as more capacity is required. The capacity is both for TelOne’s own use and any other operator who requires it.

The project which was commenced in June 2010, was financed by a Government of Zimbabwe facility, administered through Infrastructure Development bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ) and TelOne’S own funds. Huawei Technologies of China were the main contractor.


Top ICT Company of the year: Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Econet has gone through a massive transformation from the formative years in 1998 where only a mere 10, 000 customers were connected to over 6 million Zimbabweans connected today. The company owns a satellite network system which links more than 50 African networks to the global telecoms networks, and has firmly established the Econet brand in the highly competitive UK telecoms carrier market. But what has been key to all this success?

To accomplish its mission of providing telecommunications services to all the people of Zimbabwe, Econet has continued to invest in infrastructure and provision of innovative services. A gigantic injection of over $600 million is the single largest telecommunications investment in Zimbabwe over the last 20 years. Primarily through Econet’s continued investment in capacity, Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration rate has increased from 40% in 2010 to the current 66%. Data penetration recorded phenomenal growth due to the massive investment in fibre optic technology. Today Econet offers the widest voice and data coverage.


Top ICT Businesswoman of the year: Caroline Chirima (Baztech Incorporated)

Caroline Chirima is an acclaimed entrepreneur, marketer and proprietor with over 15 years’ experience in the ICT industry. She was instrumental in setting up Baztech Incorporated, a leading supplier of innovative Biometric time control systems, Access Control systems, CCTVs,  systems and turnstiles in Zimbabwe. Through her vision, passion and dedication, Baztech Incorporated has grown to become the major leader in the Biometric industry, besides being one of the first companies to introduce Biometric Technology in Zimbabwe.

Caroline Chirima was awarded

  • Second runner up, ZNCC (Category – Business Woman Of the year award) – 2009
  • Second Runner-up,ZNCC-Business woman of the year award 2010
  • First runner up Zimbabwe Institute of Management – 2009 SME Sector
  • First runner up,  Businesswoman of the Year ICT – 2010
  • Institute of Director –SME Director of the Year 2011


Top ICT businessman of the year: Lovemore Mukono (Mukonitronics)

Lovemore is an Engineer. He is a corporate member of The Institution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers (UK). A graduate of The Institute of Industrial Managers (UK), A graduate of International Strategic Business Management programme from Sweden. He is a CIMA almuni. He served as Instruments and Electronics Engineer at ZESA (Hwange Power Station) to 1989. Worked with Power utilities including the CEGB (UK), Kota Power Station (India) and Yokogawa Corporation (specialising in technology design) in Japan. He later joined Power Vision in 1989 as Technical Manager. He is a founding Director of Mukonitronics (Private) Limited since 1990, a company that rose to become ZNCC Zimbabwe Exporter of The Year 1998 and also runner up Zimtrade Zimbabwe Exporter of The Year in 1999.

Mukono is also the founder member of  SETA Foundation which has greatly changed the face of Schools, Colleges and Universities in as far as ICTs are concerned.

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  1. I have serious reservations regarding these two: Chartered Systems Integration and Tawanda Chikosi. CSI do not do web development, a quick look at their website should affirm this.Tawanda, hmmm, anti-phone theft apps are all over the show, for a country to give him an award for something thats not revolutionary says a lot about the judging panel.Who judges these things anyway?

    1. I also made the same notion on my facebook profile. CSI’s website to mention the
      least doesn’t at all fit into the write up on the post. CSI looks to me as a
      Service provider than a software development company. I have to say their
      website looks like “Shit” I never mince my words on that. It is one of the worst
      sites I have ever seen

      As for Tawanda I think I’ll
      reserve my words. To be honest “internationally recognized Laptop Anti-Theft
      & Computer Theft Recovery system in the country” that to me doesnt have much
      substance a laptop cable lock is just as Good. How do you say internationally
      and then mention “country” …

      “driver anti-sleep technology” what is
      that. I can drive with my window open get a wet towel and I wont sleep. What
      anti sleep technology is that? Caffeine is an antisleep drug bring forward his
      anti-sleep technology please. Lets not cover toys in big words falks. and dont
      tell me he introduced a cellphone ringer that rings at an interval?

      mobile phone subscribers to play Lotto” interface an sms gateway to an access
      data sheet and in Zimbabwe you might be the next Top Young ICT Achiever …heheh

      1. @Nerudo:disqus : CSI is a fully fledged software development company and the company also provides other solutions. The company develops end-to-end solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies. They also have some of the best software developers in Zimbabwe and possibly in Africa, these individuals having vast international experience in designing and implementing massive solutions throughout the whole world.

        About Tawanda, you’re just criticizing for the sake of criticizing. What have you done? At least Tawanda has some innovations under his sleave and is the COO of a company…

        1. In response to your comment. Thanks for explaining to me I appreciate that. I
          have to be honest I read what the web tells me. Their website currently doesn’t
          say anything about “Developers”.

          I am 2 x a Microsoft Certified
          Professional Developer and work for a Microsoft Gold Partner we do have top end
          developers, The company’s profile shouts that as loud as the top Forbes
          companies. If willing possible I can invite you just so you have a feel of where
          I come from and what brings me to fill my mouth when a company is a Microsoft
          Partner. I understand the underbelly logistics of how a company gets to be a
          Microsoft partner and that to me is paperbag weight to judge a good development
          company based on being a partner least it Gold.

          I can list to you the
          projects I have personally helped in crafting at work and can stand to get your
          response on the top companies claimed to have been served by CSI.

          Tawanda. Don’t get me wrong I totally left Zimbabwe and dont think Ill be any
          active than help by talking in anything about the Country. I asked questions and
          if you could just give me more information I would be glad. Just to clear the
          record get on my Facebook profile and I can refer to people that can answer the
          “What have you done? ” part of your question. I was highly and heavily involved
          in Electronics as a Kid and by that I dont just mean the transistors we all know
          off. I am working on a self funded Electroencephalographic
          (EEG) interfaced application module that gives physically challenged individuals the ability
          to do kinematic tasks they are by nature not able to do freely. I am part of
          SARobotics. I do not look to gain from any of the projects I work on at all, I
          look to solve real world problems. It holds no substance to me to be a
          COO in a non competitive market. Everyone off the Zimbabwean developers abroad
          wishes they go back home and give themselves a title of CEO or something. 🙂
          Who doesn’t?

        2. you cant possibly assert that “They also have some of the best software developers in Zimbabwe and possibly in Africa” without a profile to back it. what massive solutions, what do the systems do? best developers?

          eish. reminds me of a certain “local manufacturer” of laptops. same drool

          1. they won an Award for websites but they do not develop webistes! fun, very funny. It speaks volumes of the Awards themselves

    2. @muzukuru: I think you have no idea of what software development is all about. CSI has worked on some high profile projects which include web development. They have some of the best software development skills in Zimbabwe and also have direct links to the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond. Unfortunately the does not display that information.

      1. Ok maybe Im not getting something. I clearly think you are part of them sitting the office maybe drinking tanganda 🙂 defneding the companies’s flaws. If you admit to it we can get to the next level of the argument.

        I love debates by the way 🙂 . I will disect your staments if you may: “They have some of the best software development skills” – Fact or flaw? Evry company claims that, you are sounding more and more like a Marketing guy. We developers have heard enough of the This is best as compared to that, Nugget is the best as compared to fake Nugget pssh ooouhk.  “in Zimbabwe” ouuuhk yah in Zimbabwe were every website is run on Joomla 😀 and all sites look like newspapers,  “and
        also have direct links to the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond” – you just killed it! on this one, You are really a Marketing guy. Lets be honest every Windows user is in fact connected to MS globally 🙂

    3. @muzukuru: I think you
      have no idea of what software development is all about. CSI has worked on some
      high profile projects which include web development. They have some of the best
      software development skills in Zimbabwe and also have direct links to the
      Microsoft headquarters in Redmond. Unfortunately the website does not display
      that information.

      1. “Unfortunately the website does not display
        that information.” , I think they CSI dont have an idea how to make an informative website.

  2. I think next time there should be a people’s choice voted and reviewed online/sms so that we compare the gap between the ict office voters and the real technologies people are using

    1. Unfortunately this may not work out well since some of the solutions that are implemented are backend systems that users know nothing about. For example, all banks connect to the reserve bank’s RTGS system. To facilitate realtime payments, there are backend systems that are running in the background. The so called “real technologies people” will never know of those systems and will not be able to evaluate them.

      1. Then say it in dummy words on your nominations.

        Let me explain in layman’s terms here. What happens with the A-Academy or is it what its called “I Dont watch TV that much”. The voters dont know of all the singers or what have you. They are talent scouters that do that for us, all we do is Vote right?

        Go out there and look at the nominees and explain in plain dummy words what they are all about and why they possibly could be nominated. By the way what is RTGS?

      2. whats the point of the Awards when we cannot be in a position to know what they really do? Are not awards suppose to inspire

  3. Guys dont be jealous, some comments dont appear to have substance of complaint but just sheeben talk

    1. According to the information we got at the event (and from the MICT itself), Econet got the ICT company of the year award.

      eLearning Solutions and CSI both took the runner-up position.
      Couldn’t open your link to the MICT website. it’s returning a 404 error

  4. Nerudo and Muzukuru, we appreciate your comments and criticism. From 2008-2009 Chartered Systems Integration (CSI) won the Microsoft Developer partner of the year and runner up to Business Intelligence Partner of the year. CSI was competing with South African companies were you are based and still won. I hope you not implying that Microsoft is biased as well. CSI is the only African company that actually does architecture design work for Microsoft and Microsoft Services in Redmond. CSI was runner up to the IT company of the year for 2011. CSI is responsible for introducing BizTalk to Africa and 90 percent of the integration solutions in Africa were done by CSI.
    CSI did numerous web developement projects for quite a number of revenue authorities in Africa that you might not be aware of.  Maybe the website doesn’t communicate it clearly but you can’t takeway the fact that they have won mutiple awards internationally.

    1. Mukuru Mukuru – Kindly give is links to the websites that you claim to have developed.
      I would have expected companies like Webdev, Web Entangled, Cyberplex,
      Mansheb or 3 Degrees – not this company (CSI) that isnt even listed on
      Google / Yahoo / Bing when you make a search for web design services in
      Zimbabwe. This just goes to discredit the entire screening process and
      reflects badly on the ICT Ministry’s level of competency and seriousness

      1. i think u are getting it all wrong here, Web Developer doesnt necessarily mean websites it includes web applications as well, so if they are doing e-banking solutions they deserve to fall in the category of Web Developers. anyway the companies are doing petty stuff! 

        1. Then just name the Award Web Applications Achievers and let us have Website Developers winning their award

  5. Mukuru Mukuru – Kindly give is links to the websites that you claim to have developed.
    I would have expected companies like Webdev, Web Entangled, Cyberplex,
    Mansheb or 3 Degrees – not this company (CSI) that isnt even listed on
    Google / Yahoo / Bing when you make a search for web design services in
    Zimbabwe. This just goes to discredit the entire screening process and
    reflects badly on the ICT Ministry’s level of competency and seriousness

  6. CSI seems to be outsourcing. I have taken a look at the company profile. I have worked on several large projects and the size of their team simply doesn’t match the product base/skill scope they claim to have.

  7. Where is E-Solutions,GeeSoft Systems,AfroSoft those are the big players fin Software Development in Zimbabwe, not integrating with other ssystems but developing them from scratch and yet not even one of these got a mention.It juss shows the panel they know nothing about ICT. and vanhu vanotengesa hardware hatidi kuvanzwa they are contributing nothing to our industry.

  8. this is alot of bollock from computer illiterate individuals.u people need a bit more exposure in this field.wait till diaspora comes back home .you lot will be serving tea in the offices.

  9. Students are exposed to all facets of engineering production and must
    innovate further in the production of Powerful Brands for sale in the
    local and export markets.

  10. Microsoft on Monday also is announcing availability of BizTalk RFID Mobile, which extends BizTalk RFID capabilities to Windows Mobile and Windows CE systems. A device with a mobile reader could be used as part of an RFID system.

  11. Kindly take note that Chogugudza is no longer on V SAT. It is connected via a terrestrial p2p microwave link which now covers the whole of Domboshava. This link is owned by Zimbabwe Academic and Research Network (ZARNet).

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