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Zimbabwe Stock Exchange website still down 7 months after hacking

At the beginning of August 2011, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange website was hacked. The site was taken down immediately. Today, some 7 months later the site is still down. Trying to load the website address gives you the “Under Maintenance, come back soon” sign that was put there when the site went down.

If it’s a new site they working on, we hope it’s worth this long wait and inconvenience the situation has caused ZSE stakeholders. Especially those outside Zimbabwe, who don’t have the luxury of easily accessible alternative means to the information.

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7 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Stock Exchange website still down 7 months after hacking

    1. or they’re just taking security more seriously this time around. thoroughly testing it for any holes

  1. What did these guys provide on the actual site besides telling us the stock prices? Could someone trade online or track stocks in realtime, get analysis, full company profiles etc…?

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