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Zimbabwe’s ICT Month event set for May 2012

Africa ExchangeIn February, an organisation called Africa Exchange (more about the organisation here) hosted an ICT “Meeting of the Minds” event in Harare where presentations and discussion by Zim’s ICT industry leaders and government officials focused on strategies to develop Zimbabwe’s ICT sector. Part of the objective of the event was to come up with ICT Month, basically a month set aside to raise awareness and launch programmer promoting economic growth of the ICT sector. Well, the plan for the ICT Month was formulated and May 2012 will see some programmes launched.

On 9 May, Africa Exchange will launch 5 ICT programmes that, according to the announcement we received, will be implemented during 2012 and 2013. The ICT Month initiative is supported by the Zimbabwe ICT Ministry, the Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe and the Computer Society of Zimbabwe.  The 5 programmes to be launched at the event are:

  • Consumer Rights and ICT Awareness
  • ICT Going Green
  • E-Government policy development and implementation
  • Computers in all schools in Zimbabwe
  • Mentorship and training

So far it looks the event is only accessible through invites that are apparently only available on email. We couldn’t locate the event on the organisation’s website, so, to attend you’ll probably need to get in touch with Africa Exchange  via email.

Outside the few initiatives by the Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe (like the ICT Africa exhibition & conference), this initiative is the first in recent years to make effort to address some issues and come up with clear strategies to develop the sector so that new platforms and technologies like the web and mobile are harnessed for economic development.

Names speaking at the event include such people as Lovemore Mukono, Gary Brooking, Mkululi Ndlovu (Westchase Consultants), Chiedza Matimba (Environment Africa) and the COMSA chairman, Atwell Mukusha.

The event will be held at Rainbow Towers in Harare.

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