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FinditFast - HIFA is one of the more visible business directory websites in Zimbabwe. More visible as compared to the hundreds of business directory and classifieds sites in the country that is. In terms of content, they have a site that’s much more populated than your typical overnight open source installation. In fact the directory is so populated the content looks like it was imported from another service. But that’s not the point of this article; it’s their events that impressed us. FinditFast arguably has the best online event listings in the country.


It’s so up to date we check the site every now and then just to see what’s going on in Harare and it almost always delivers. Movies, exhibitions, theatre, workshops, festivals, sports events, it’s all in there, all current and complete with Google Maps to pinpoint the exact location of the event. In addition, visitors also have the option to receive the event updates via email. Yesterday for example, FinditFast sent out the HIFA 2012 programme schedule in a design so easy to peruse it beats HIFA’s own official programme listing.

FinditFast - HIFA


One thing that’s not as impressive about the FinditFast listings is that, save for the movie listings, events listed on the site feel targeted at high income earners in society. They are at least the kind of events the affluent in society would attend. You’ll for example find Tennis, 5-a-side soccer, Indoor cricket and a sport called Aerobathons all listed under ‘sports events’ but nothing at all on ordinary soccer. The internet is not an elite tool anymore and FinditFast would do good to find and list all events!

The FinditFast business model is advertising based; businesses don’t pay anything for a basic listing in the directory. For added visibility in search results and to include images in the listings advertisers pay an annual fee from $25 to $100 depending on the prominence preferred.  FinditFast also sells banner ads on the site. Events and Classifieds listings are free.

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5 thoughts on “Get local event updates on

  1. Interesting site and if email alerts are as streamlined as and prompt as suggested by the article this directory is promising. While it appears the site may seem to list events that appeal to the well-to-do, isn’t that a reflection of the digital demographics of the country though? We are still some ways though from a sizable digital zim audience that attracts more internet entrepreneurs. Which probably explains why yet again we have another online directory endeavour!

  2. Plausible idea, but i think they should have made a mobile version of the website as well considering that most people in Zimbabwe access the internet on their mobile phones.

  3. Far as I know the events are user submitted. Anyone who has an event to promote should submit it. It’s that simple. I don’t think the site posts many of those events of their own initiative.

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