Google makes Africa internet usage research results available


Ever wondered what the Internet usage patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa are? What age groups use the internet more; how the women’s internet behaviour compares to the men’s; how mobile compares to computer web access;  where internet user connect from or what prevents people from connecting. Well now it’s possible to get an idea…


Online Activities - Mobile (InightsAfrica)Google has made available data from the results of an Internet usage survey it conducted in 6 Sub-Saharan African countries over the past two years. According to a post on the Google Africa blog today, Google carried out the survey to understand better the internet behaviours and attitudes of the region’s population. Over 13,000 people were interviewed for the research.

The data is available on the web address, presented in graphs that can be manipulated to show the usage results by different filters. The six countries covered by the research are Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria and Senegal, basically countries where Google has some presence.


You’ll find some interesting trends in there, check it out. Wish it covered more than just these 6 countries.

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