The Daily News website having issues again

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Daily News Site down - April 2012
We received a tip from a reader in the morning today advising us that the Daily News website ( was down. So we did the usual checks and indeed it was down. A content delivery network service – used on the site – called CloudFlare was reporting that the site was offline.

We waited all afternoon just in case it was the  momentary glitches the Daily News goes through sometimes, but now, some five hours later, the website is still down. CloudFlare just loads a cached homepage showing some old stories it took a snapshot of when the site was up. Clicking on any of the links shows the “Website Offline” error above.

It’s not the first time someone has tipped us about the Daily News website being down. It occurs quite frequently, only other times it’s not down for this long. Actually the company has has issues with their website for some time. It appears they have a hosting issue that keeps coming back.

The Daily News is a popular private owned daily newspapers in Zimbabwe.



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  1. JamesM says:

    We really have a long way to go in developing enduring online strategies. You can mirror your site so that if it goes down, the mirror(s) springs into action. Sites suffer regularly from hacker attacks and other disruprions. A simple redundncy plan will go a long in avoiding making you like a novice.

  2. Media Observer says:

     Those guys at Daily News have no digital strategy and their online version is one of the most lifeless!

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