Zimpapers’ Sunday Mail website goes down on Sunday

The Sunday Mail

The Sunday MailFor most of the day today, the website of the Sunday Mail, the most read weekly newspaper in Zimbabwe, was down. We first noticed the website ( wasn’t accessible at around 10AM when, on loading the it, it reported: “Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL“. The website was restored sometime in the evening today.


Errors like these can be the result of a configuration problem with the website’s files. It may also indicate that the servers hosting the database are not accessible to the website. It’s not clear though what caused this particular problem. if we do get an update from either the hosts or Sunday Mail itself, we’ll update this post.

The Sunday Mail is owned by Zimbabwe’s largest newspaper publisher, Zimpapers. Zimpapers also publishes The Herald, The Chronicle,  The Sunday News, H-Metro and B-Metro amoung other titles.


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3 thoughts on “Zimpapers’ Sunday Mail website goes down on Sunday

  1. It is important to look at the title of the page thank you for the screenshot.The title says 500 Internal Server Error, therein lies was answer, we do need feedback from host or the newspaper anymore

  2. As a hacker that error message gives me a lot tips for my second visit. Can’t the developer of the site redirect to a more user-friendly error page? And one doesn’t say much on the technical side.

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