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Now you can tweet your ZIMRA questions & complaints

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) website has always been that one website whose service surpasses that we expect of government agencies by far. Forget government, on usability, accessibility and just making important information available to people that need it, ZIMRA’s websites is well ahead even those of private entities. Whether you want to check the latest tax tables, download the various statutory instruments guiding the tax collector or find an answer to a tax question you have, you can almost always rely on their website.

So, you’ll imagine our delight when saw yesterday that in addition to the need for a mobile device friendly website, ZIMRA also gets social media. The organisation published yesterday a statement in the local newspapers that basically said if, at ZIMRA’s various points at the borders, you notice something that’s not being done according to the rules, you can tweet your complaint or post it to the ZIMRA Facebook page.

But it’s one thing to set up all this social media presence and quite another to respond and take physical action to address the tweeted complaints. So far the pages don’t have that many followers yet, and therefore likely not getting that any complaints or questions. The publication of these channels will surely change that so let’s see.

Of course we wish there were a local social networking platform Zimbos could use for this kind of thing. You know, one that doesn’t think all Zimbos are up to no good. Or maybe there is already!

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