Current ADSL coverage in Zimbabwe (listing of cities and towns)

Along with the announcement of the availability of backhaul fibre connectivity, posted by TelOne today the company also posted an update on the locations in Zimbabwe that can now access ADSL services. The update also has the rollout plan for cities and towns that that don’t have the service yet. We separated it from the terrestrial fibre update because as we didn’t want it buried in a title that doesn’t say what this is really about.

So why is the location listing of ADSL coverage a big deal? Well for starters, outside fibre, ADSL is the most stable and hassle-free connection you can get right now in Zimbabwe. And 2, it offers ultra-cheap internet by Zimbabwe standards; ultra cheap setup fees – about $3 if you already have a fixed telephone line, and ultra-cheap bandwidth cost – starts at $30 a month for a 10GB data limit coming down to you at 256Kbps. But that’s not all, see, word out there is TelOne doesn’t have a proper billing system in place yet so that 10 GB limit there is really limitless. For a few more months at least.

So, here are the listing released today, and the roll out plan. We hope you are in area that’s included here, and that you don’t owe TelOne anything in unpaid telephone bills. They’ll want their cash first, or you’ll have to use another name.


 Here’s a listing of the locations that currently have ADSL services:

  • Harare
    CBD, Northwood, Sunningdale, Athlone, Airport, Borrowdale, Eastlea, Wincehendon, Belvedere, Bluffhill, Warren Park, Cranborne, Meyrick Park, Braeside, Avondale, Southerton, Hillside, Waterfalls, Kambanje, Highlands, Malborough.
  • Bulawayo
    Mabutweni, Pumula, Surbubs, Hillside, Queensdale, Bellevue, Nkulumane, Luveve, Killarney, Riverside, Northend, Thorngrove
  • Mutare
  • Gweru Central
  • Rusape
  • Marondera

Locations that will have ADSL by the end of August 2012:

  • Harare
    Highfield, Mabvuku, Glenview, Dzivarasekwa, Glen Norah, Kuwadzana, Mufakose
  • Gweru
    Mkoba 1, Mkoba 2, Senga
  • Kwekwe
    Mbizo 1, Mbizo 2, Battlefields, Redcliff
  • Bulawayo
    Cowdry Park, Richmond, Emganwini
  • Norton
  • Chitungwiza
  • Kadoma
  • Chegutu

Locations that will have ADSL by the end of March 2013:

  • Ruwa,
  • Selous
  • Masvingo
  • Beitbridge
  • Gwanda
  • Victoria Falls

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18 thoughts on “Current ADSL coverage in Zimbabwe (listing of cities and towns)

  1. finally my surbub, Cowdray Park in byo will be connected after months and months of waiting..i hope they will stick to their schedule of installation. im also happy coz im told powertel is also installing their transmission tower in cowdray park also

  2. I can add that at least parts of Greendale also are covered as friends in the area have it up and running. Note to anyone interested: protect the modem you get by all sorts of surgeprotectors as a friend has had 2 of them blown and support at TelOne is … not good.

  3. we used ADSL in lighton industrial area back in 2005 as a backbone for our Radio Link to Mweb via Afri-com. What sucked is that Zim adsl did not support voice calls on the same ADSL line. I have a 2meg ADSL link at home in Bots and it supports both VOICE & DATA.

    Adsl is a reap off in the sense that if the TelOne clowns do their clowning stunts cutting lines to fix another line your adsl bill will still come even when the link was/is down.

    1. Clearly from your remarks you have never used telone ADSL who says and can prove you cant do voice calls on a telone ADSL line right now? Why did you feel compeled to comment, have you been or written to the sales department or credit control department and they failed to address your concerns for you to call anyone at telone a clown, shame on you, stay in Bots if you dont like internet in Zim.

      1. If you can read and understand English i said “We used to use ADSL back in 2005” The system back then couldn’t allow for dual usage of voice & data.

        I am talking about my experiences back in the day even up to this day, I have my line down for more than three years & TelOne has failed on this.

        Mr/Mrs Guest no harm in saying your opinion. ADSL should never be used for Enterprise wide connectivity because it’s affected by a lot of issues i.e. TelOne cable joiners with wip affecting, water in the rainy season & cable theft plus other exchange problems.

        No harm meant to you or anyone at TelOne but what i said in there is my experience with the poor service back then. I am sure even today it’s probably still visible 🙂 Most technical people fled Zimbabwe and are out.I know you can think i guess you know what that means

        1. That ADSL is afffected by vandalism should not be a deterent for one to consider it as a solution, inga wani Econet inombodonha nhai. Shepered, when you say telone ADSL does not support Voip, you are lying asi dai wati Telone ADSL speeds were pathetic that Voip was not possible or maybe the line speed was 512k which is ridiculous for you to even mention voip. When you speak about technical issues, please be technical haikona kuita kunge Joe arimungoro who overheard munhu arimubhazi achiti ADSL marara

          1. “Voip was not possible or maybe the line speed was 512k which is ridiculous for you to even mention voip.” Where are you getting VOIP in my comments? You sound so high and vindictive for nothing, if that’s how you are then you sound like you still young and one day you shall grow and think before you talk.Don’t just read, READ AND UNDERSTAND voip was possible muzukuru, but normal landline calls where not possible.

            “maybe the line speed was 512k which is ridiculous for you to even mention voip.”
            Ridiculous lol hahahaha.They taught you English to read and write but i guess someone has to help you to read and understand too.

            Anyway VOIP can still work on a 512k link :-).

            It doesn’t work if assuming that the 512k link is a one is to 16 or 1 is to many which is the case in most ISP’s or all of the ISP’s in Zimbabwe.If the contention ratio is 1:1 then 512k is quite a stable link that can give at least 4high quality simultaneous voice calls. An extra VIDEO call can be possible without buffering as well on the same 1:1 512k link + the voip depending your setup 🙂

            Back in the days adsl was only accessible via copper leased line and it did not support voice calls through the public switched telephone network.i’m sure you commented without understanding.Now it should be possible to have dual service i.e. VOICE & DATA. VOICE not VOIP

            “When you speak about technical issues, please be technical haikona kuita kunge Joe arimungoro who overheard munhu arimubhazi achiti ADSL marara”

            sorry young gun.Being technical doesn’t mean you go around speaking of tech jargon that you have no idea about or something you read and did not understand and you start uttering your own little knowledge to prove a point that is not the discussion at hand.Go to school and learn english for communication. I am sure some of the words you used where not meant to show a shallow thought and perspective but just a wrong choice of words.

            Muzukuru, kare kare ADSL isati yane mbiri yaveko iyi takamboishandisawo asi nhare yeADSL hayaitakura nhare dzedu dzechinyakare dzatajaira.Iko kare aka VOIP yaisungisa muZimbabwe.Hazvina mhosva muzukuru chirungu chaunoda ichi usapote uchirasa nhau usati waziva musoro wenhau nhaika. Ini pandiri nhasi uno ndinenge ndinekaruzivo kari nani panewe uye zvandirikutaura ndakazviona nemeso angu aya.

    2. From my understanding Voip needs an internet connection, whether you are connecting through ADSL or fibre is relevant, as long as the connection carries UDP and IP packets VOIP works. If you do not know please ask. I suggest you do some reading up before posting especially on techzim.

      1. well done’re confused to the limit here. VOIP works on adsl. i was referring to calls via PSTN i.e. your normal landline. i use adsl at home & my landline is on the same adsl link.In Zimbabwe around 2005 it was impossible until 2008 when i left it was the same story. Now tell me who should ask? uri muzukuru fo sho

        1. If you must know, today…2012…you can have both voice & data on the same line using Telone ADSL

  4. That’s good news guys i tried frantically to get this information but nobody at TelOne seemed to know. Thanks!

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