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ICT Policy Review, the Roadmap

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) has embarked on a 2 month long process to craft a new ICT Policy. The current ICT Policy was produced in 2005. At a press conference prior to the review process, ICT Minister Nelson Chamisa explained the rationale for the review saying “it has been six years now, the time has come for a review of this policy, moreso considering the rapid nature in which the renovation of technologies for information and communications take place”.

The first public consultations were held on the 3rd of July, in Marondera followed by another workshop the next day in Mutare. Future public workshops are scheduled as follows:

One of the participants at the Mutare Workshop Phil Chard, the Sales & Marketing Manager at Bytron noted that there was intense debate around the role and mandate of the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ). This included a debate on whose mandate it is to regulate the construction of cell towers and network boosters and the laying down fibre optic infrastructure. Another big issue with participants was the need to bring in quality yet cheap IT equipment for students.

Submissions to the Ministry can also be done via email using ministryict[at] or gchingonzo2[at]

The Ministry is yet to provide feedback about how the process is going so far, but Chard indicated that in his opinion their officials are quite serious about this process. In as much as Zimbabweans are largely critical of government activities it’s worthwhile to engage with the ministry’s officials in this endeavour.

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10 thoughts on “ICT Policy Review, the Roadmap

  1. Thanks a lot Brian for the update. This is an important process but I notice Masvingo is not on the list, wonder how Masvingo folks will participate in this, or does it mean they will have to choose between going to Gweru or Harare?

    1. I think an online platform was also necessary to accommodate those unable to attend. This is a good start all the same.

      1. Yes I think there is time to incorporate an online platform. This is definitely a great start

  2. Thanks Techzim,did not know about it.Will attend in Bindura where I live

  3. Why would they use a yahoo email address for Government correspondence? There’s a whole list of things wrong and risky with that.

  4. How much does this policy cover things like cyber security and the formation of a CSIRT centre to protect the nations IT infrastructure. The consultation of this document need to be well thought of and not to rush an empty and meaningless document out. look at policies and standards from other regions e.g ENISA and NIST

  5. So much about this ministry of ICT. I am reliably informed that they contracted a Min of Justice lawyer to be the ICT Consultant for this National ICT Policy review, someone who does not even have any ICT experience and knowledge at all. This whole exercise is just to rubberstamp an already drafted ICT policy they want to have launched. Look at how the tight the programme has been designed. I stay in Mutare and i did not know about this program until only after it had been held. There is no platform to even engage other Zimbabweans who cannot make it at the venue save for the email (yahoo addresses) they put in.The ministry’s website cannot even facilitate input. What happened to the key stakeholders of the ICT industry i thought they would be consulted and would be part and parcel of this important exercise. I am seeing this exercise as a worst of time and the Min of ICT is trying to push their predetermined agendas.

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