Some pictures from yesterday’s AMH Hackathon in Harare

If you’re a hacker and live in Harare, yesterday was one of those days you wish you could have every other week; Some 20 plus hackers in one room, 7 hours of straight coding, a great coordinating team running the event and yes, some great food and drinks as well. What more could you ask for.

Here are some photos from the event. A post coming later will announce the winners of the hackathon, who are due to be announced at the AMH Conversations event later this morning.


You can see more photos on our Facebook page here and here.

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8 thoughts on “Some pictures from yesterday’s AMH Hackathon in Harare

  1. I would be happy to know what the Hackathon produced. I also see the gorgeous sisters.

    I am sure many people would be interested to know what these “women” were part of creating so that the role women play can also be appreciated; and it can also be appreciated that “women” also have some skills because there are some people who think women do not even know anything to do with computers beyond typing.

        1. You missing the point prosper and I suspect doing so deliberately.
          The point is that when a person starts talking about looks the moment they see a woman in a photo they are already starting the stereotyping that they are supposedly against.

          1. Indeed it was deliberate, to prove to you that you are wrong.
            When a man thinks a sister gorgeous and he says it, it is not “sexist” or stereotypical.

            If i had said “ugly” sisters, right now many would have attacked me saying i was saying some unkind words.

            So am i not supposed to say they are good looking? Certainly not coz they are.

            The stereotype is often “beauty without brains”. Yet these sisters were at the Hactkthon. Point is, a sister can have both brains and beauty.

            It is not a problem for a dude to see women in photos and first notice their beauty. I think it would be if the brother didn’t.

            I saw everything in all the photos, but the sisters just stood out.

            It would have been nice to know what they worked on even though they did not win a prize.

  2. First thing I looked at was the hardware 🙁
    Back to the topic at hand, this was a great initiative. Some of the concepts have such great practical potential! Hope to see more of this in the future.

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