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The Daily News website suffers hacking

Daily News Hacking

One of Zimbabwe’s 3 most read daily newspapers, the Daily News, had its website hacked yesterday. An email tip we got, and a tweet early Sunday morning say the site was showing the page  below instead of the usual content.

Daily News Hacking

From what we can see so far the hacking appears to be one of those random hack attacks made by unscrupulous characters on unsecured websites. The website has since been restored and appears to be functioning normally.

Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe, the company that owns the Daily News, has had major challenges with the website. The website has had a generous amount downtime the past couple of months.

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10 thoughts on “The Daily News website suffers hacking

        1. lol, good one. yes, that migraine article… and mostly these “kind of articles”. if goodman’s asking, he/she’s in the wrong place

    1. To me this is perfect and relevant news for this site, in other words, its interesting to read.

  1. This site is about technology news and security is part of technology….hence these stories should feature on this site.

  2. Very relevant story on IT inefficiencies. The stodgy Daily News site has been poorly managed since set up.

    The paper discourages comments such as these we are making here and yet
    it calls itself an “independent paper”. Ironically, The Herald’s site
    allows you to comment whatever you like on any story! E.g. the Sam Levy
    death story had almost 100 comments from Zimbabweans across the divide!

  3. I believe merely commenting on the fact it is down is of little worth, let us know, but then please also try follow up with the owners / admins / developers and find out when and how it happened. That would be a truly interesting article, sure maybe they have to fix it first but a follow up a couple of weeks later would be great.

    Maybe it was something as simple as a bug in an open source component that allowed files to be uploaded without authentication, maybe it was a hosting vulnerability, it could even be an inside revenge job (unlikely in this case). Personally I would find that sort of information a lot more interesting if you can get it out of them.

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