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We will not do what Econet did to you, says Telecel


Last week’s light jab at its fighting rivals wasn’t enough for Telecel. They’re not done yet taking optimum advantage of the situation. In a more settled and deeper response to the goings on with Econet and NetOne, Telecel statements in the print press attributed to the CEO Francis Mawindi, essentially offer that the company would never do what Econet did.

“Our position is that we provide an invaluable communication service to our customers and at all times we must put our customers’ interests first,” says part of the statement attributed to Mawindi. The statement goes on to, more directly, say:

In line with this long-held customer centered approach, Telecel will not be disconnecting subscribers due to disputes relating to interconnection agreements with other network providers.  Telecel’s strongly held position is that customers must not be inconvenienced due to disputes at an institutional or corporate level.


The statement goes on to explain how Telecel absorbed costs from service provision whose value could not be recovered from post-paid subscribers during Zimbabwe’s hyperinflationary era. As you may recall, and as NetOne has emphatically reminded us over the past couple of days, Econet, during the inflation madness, basically made a decision to convert all post-paid accounts to prepaid ones to cushion their business against the free falling Zimbabwean dollar.

In the same statement Telecel also says telecoms partners should however honour their financial statements to avoid inconveniencing customers. Again, no prizes for guessing who this message is for.

It would have been great of course if Telecel had said if and how much they are owed by NetOne, so these statements are in clearer context!

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