Apple unveils the iPhone 5: Evolutionary rather than Revolutionary


iPhone5Apple officially unveiled the latest variant of its flagship device the iPhone 5. With the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple has finally caught up with the competition. The flagship device is ultra thin(.3 inches) and features a high speed LTE connection, a larger screen (4 inches), the much talked about Retina display and a software upgrade to iOS 6.

It is a modest incremental update to the previous 4S, fellow Zimbos have shunned the phone as nothing special and were a bit disappointed with the lack of revolutionary design change. One could be led to assume that Apple market dominance have led them to become comfortable with the iPhone design; a case of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I fear with the iPhone 5, Apple is beginning to look just like any other ordinary tech company. Apple has always been know as the company that SETS standards not FOLLOW them. When the iPhone came out it was revolutionary, the phone that everyone wanted to have, but now, Apple cannot stay ahead of the competition by innovation anymore, they have to copy. Maybe this can be attributed to the sad fact that, the visionary leader Steve Jobs is no longer at the helm.


At the event they also launched the iPod range which features better aesthetics than the iPhone in my humble opinion. the iPod touch features a brilliant 4-inch Retina display; a 5-megapixel iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording; Apple’s A5 chip; Siri, the intelligent assistant; and iOS 6.


Overall, iPhone 5 can compete with the major phones out at the moment, HTC One series, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Nokia Lumia 920. They has played the safe bet, following a formula that has worked for them since the inception of the iPhone.

I can safely say they have a winner; even though it’s just a thinner, longer iPhone 4S; the loyal consumers will continue to buy, just as they did the iPhone 4S. Apple will generate record profits, but long gone are the days when they were the great innovators of the technology scene, they now to do what the recently sued Samsung for; wait and follow the competition.

You can see the iPhone spec sheet below.

Height 4.87 inches
Width 2.31 inches
Thickness .3 inches
Weight .25 pounds
Colours Black/White
Display 4 inches
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Tethering / Airplay
Processor A6, (made by Samsung )
Internal Storage ( no external expansion) 64GB, 32GB, 16GB
Front Camera 1.2 megapixels (720p resolution)
Rear Camera 8 megapixels (1080p resolution)
Operating system iOS 6
Battery 8 hours (so they say) , also you cannot remove the battery

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21 thoughts on “Apple unveils the iPhone 5: Evolutionary rather than Revolutionary

  1. I completely agree with you. for tech savy zimbo’s like me it’s not something I’m going to have second thoughts about. but for status egomaniacs it obviously hits #1 on the “To Buy ” list.
    Steve Jobs death z a major blow as well.
    you only have to read his autobiography n history with apple to truly understand.

  2. By Apple’s standards this was an iFail. for the first time i think we’ll see a major shift towards Windows, believe it or not, Windows Phone 8. There was only on Steve Jobs, the excitement and creativity at Apple is losing it’s strength.

  3. A6 processor is not made my samsung, its an ARM based ‘system on chip’ that is designed by apple and made by Silicon Precision Industries and Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing. The phone does use samsung made flash memory tho

  4. Camera should have been higher at maybe 12 megapixels, lack of Near Field Connectivity also a turn off. Is this the omen Nokia needed to revive its sagging fortunes.

  5. Hmm, the iPod does look better. I know! They should stick a phone in it and then they could call it… oh, wait

  6. Should be renamed to iCatchup.. Some of the ‘new’ features like Facetime over 3G, Panoramic photos, interactive satnav have all been available via Jailbreak (Cydia, Installous) for a long time now. “Why innovate when you can elongate” – David Carnoy: CNET

  7. Well said too all, i think Apple’s fortunes are about to change NFC is the next big tech that needs to be on phones and apple needed have this atleast and that looking aside from the fact they have changed the port size and kept the same camera, i think the iphone 5 is about to loose the battle to Samsung, i mean right now pricing and tech for the S3 makes it the better phone to have you have to be blind to buy the Iphone 5 at those ridiculous apple prices.

  8. The difference between this new iPhone 5 and the previous iPhone 4 is that the iPhone 5 is going to be a nice-to-have. There is no single feature I saw today that hasn’t been done as well or better by other phones.

  9. Mr Columnist your article may have just spoken amiss. The biggest thing about iPhone 5 is not Retina or the Siri App (Debugged version) or its “thinness” but rather its 4G (LTE) Capability/Compatibility. Major Carriers like Sprint and Verizon have invested heavily in 4G networks (Billions) but could 4G device just could not pull up. iPhone 5 backed by Apples’s attractive brand appeal and massive loyal following will the big break these big networks needed so badly. iPhone 5 will no doubt “consumerise” 4G.

      1. The iPhone 5, which Apple
        unveiled Wednesday, will be the first iPhone to support a 4G
        wireless technology called Long Term Evolution, or LTE. Even though carriers
        have spent billions
        upgrading to 4G, and many high-end smartphones and tablets
        (including the iPad) currently support LTE networks, 4G device
        sales have lagged.

        The iPhone is the inflection point 4G needed. Apple’s smartphone is by far
        the most popular cell phone on the market.

        1. On that note, they’re in for it as Samsung promises sweet revenge for their recently lost patent lawsuit. Suing back the money…

          methinks Apple, knowing it would incorporate LTE in its new device, aggressively pursued suing Samsung pending launch. That way when Samsung decides to sue, they offset the damages they were awarded…oh my gosh, am so clever!!

  10. A geek friend (and I mean that in the most complimentary way) tells me that the iPhone 5 uses the new nano sim standard – physically about 2/3 the
    size of the current micro sim in the iPhone 4 or iPad.

  11. It appears that Apple is running out of ideas and that is why it is taking it’s competitors to the court. It can no longer compete in the market place. It appears Samsung and HTC are already suing for stealing their LTE technology. Tit for tat it seems. It will be interesting how the American court will come out with a verdict.

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