Facebook feed gets more commercial with paid for Facebook Offers

If you’re a Facebook page admin and your page has more than 400 likes, you probably woke up to an encouraging you to start using the Facebook Offers feature. The feature, which was introduced in May this year, enables Facebook page admins to run product offers for their audience and pay Facebook depending on the planned reach of the offer. The page’s audience can claim the offers from the news feed and present vouchers at company running the offer.

While Offers have been there for a while, the main difference right now is that Facebook has started charging page owners to run the offers, hence the new campaign to get page admins to start using the feature.

Previously Offers was also only available to physical merchants. Now, Facebook has expanded it to online merchants as well. Facebook is offering page owners a one time free use of Facebook Offers, before they start charging. Merchants will be required to pay Facebook a minimum of US $5 per offer.


The development is another step in Facebook’s attempts to creating new revenue streams for the company. Pressure to prove and unlock the commercial potential of the world’s largest social network has been mounting since they IPO’d back in May. The company’s shares have lost a whopping 40% of their value since the IPO.

If you’re in Zimbabwe like us, you’re probably wondering if this is feature is available to you, seeing Facebook still doesn’t allow you to target Zimbabwe as an audience location to show your Facebook adverts.

Well, as far as we can tell, as the offers are targeted first at the fans of your page, Facebook doesn’t request the location. We posted a Techzim offer earlier just to test it and it’s showing on people’s news feeds. You will need to have a payment method though even to test it. The usual VISA, MasterCard, PayPal etc… It would be great indeed if a page admin could still target fans by location and Facebook says it’s possible.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook feed gets more commercial with paid for Facebook Offers

  1. I find it really hypicritical and confused that companies like Facebook choose to exclude Zimbabwean businesses/advertisers from advertising to their own demography or people. Or even allow other advertisers outside of Zimbabwe to targer Zimbabwe.

    Really confusing that these companies: Facebook, Paypal etc, exclude Zimbabweans in the name of politics yet they claim to sympathise with those very same Zimbabweans. So using their reasoning, they do not want to support Governments that they do not agree with so therefore they exclude their people/businesses from accessing the service.

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