Press Release: Econet customer base surges to 7 million

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Econet logoEconet Wireless Zimbabwe’s customer base has surged to over seven million connected users from 6.4 million in February and has the capacity to rise further to 8.5 million customers.

In a statement, the company, which will report on its half year results in the second week of October, said that after a slow start due to capacity constraints which had resulted in shortages of the highly popular Buddie lines, the number of connected users had surged forward to 7.1 million. The largest telecoms operator said it had increased capacity significantly and had mopped up the backlog in demand.

The demand for Econet lines is extremely high and when the company temporarily suspended issuance of new lines, a black market for its lines immediately emerged, with people paying over $20 for a Buddie line, even though a smaller operator was selling lines at just $1.


Econet Wireless has assured its customers that the shortage of lines is a thing of the past and that it has capacity to go right up to 8.5 million.

Meanwhile, Econet Wireless CEO, Mr Douglas Mboweni, has said that he is now satisfied that over 90% of Zimbabweans businesses are Econet customers, under its Business Partna brand.

“Our research shows that corporate Zimbabwe, both big and small, gets its service from Econet,” Mr Mboweni said. “We are very pleased to see that the most serious business users are our customers now. We are working hard to ensure that we give them the services they need,” he said.

The press statement above was provided us by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

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  1. econet has built a pillar of trust among Zimbabweans. Even when we complain that they are not giving us bonuses and stuff people still has faith and confidence in their service..

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