Telecel introduces SMS based question answering promo


Telecel, the second largest mobile operator in Zimbabwe, announced today the introduction of a question answering value added service promotion that will see its subscribers win prizes every day for answering questions correctly. The promotion will run for 3 months.

Telecel subscribers who opt into the promotion will receive a series of questions (with answer options) from the mobile operator and have to respond to a short code with the correct answer to accumulate points. Subscribers will be charged a premium US 25 cents for each SMS response they send.

Smartphones will be awarded to subscribers with the most points each day, a laptop each week and a much bigger prize of a car at the end of the promotion.


In the announcement, Telecel says that each response a subscriber makes will trigger an additional question. Besides providing a possibly exciting service for its subscribers, Telecel is bound to collect significant revenue from the 25 cents per SMS subscribers will pay for each response. It’s an obvious but clever promo! The combination of a somewhat similar promo (and free calls) is reported to have done wonders for NetOne’s subscriber base.

In case you are wondering what smartphones will be won, it’s 2 Samsung Galaxy Y Pro each day, and the option for a Samsung Galaxy S2 (or an entry level HP laptop) each week.

You can read the details in the full release here.

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