ZimSwitch on eCommerce opportunities in Zimbabwe for startups

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Adam Roscoe

Adam RoscoeWhen we posted the report of the BarCamp Zimbabwe 2012, we promised to follow up with an audio of  one of the presentations. This one titled “Opportunities for m-commerce and e-commerce in Zimbabwe for technology entrepreneurs” that was delivered by ZimSwitch Business Development Manager Adam Roscoe. Here it is.

If you’re interested in the mobile payments and internet payments industry in Zimbabwe and indeed globally, you want to listen to this presentation. Roscoe talks about how and why the set out to build a “Highway” for mPayments and internet payments that entrepreneurs and developers can plug into to create payments enabled applications both for the web and mobile. Just so you listen to it in perspective, the audience of this talk were technology entrepreneurship, developers, designers and basically the kind of people that attend a BarCamp.

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If you do not see an audio widget above this paragraph,please click here to access the audio.

Videos of all the presentations will be posted in the coming days, so stay tuned. 

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  1. tinm@n

    Thanks for sharing. Will certainly listen to this tonight.

    By any chance,are you or your media partners sharing any videos of the event?

  2. Tendai Marengereke

    I remember he said something about their website. Is it live yet?

  3. d.esq

    whats the zimswitch website?

  4. ndozvinei

    of withdrawal fees, transaction charges and bank charges in general, i guess we’ll have to ride the wave -_-

  5. solbhala

    Excellent presentation, informative and delivered by a guy that knows his stuff… It does however leave out a few but very crucial issues surrounding e-comm payments in 2012.

    We don’t hear about PCI compliance and the liability that is passed over to merchants if they were to adopt the vpayment platform. It also doesn’t mention the Intergration method that will be made available to merchants were they to adopt it… is it fully hosted ?, MPI, CPI ? or what… would be good to have details on who to talk further about some of these issues with.

    Averall I think its a good piece of work

    1. james

      Do they have PCI compliance? or they just joined up with banks? do they have an internantional platform for visa mastercard AMex etccc… to accept transactions from outside ZIm?

  6. Guest

    Great presentation the audio didn’t require a high level of volume although one or two people weren’t as clear who were asking questions. I think zipit has potential exciting times ahead for tech use in zim

  7. tinm@n

    Thanks Clinton. Will be watching out for their announcement

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