Presentation: Building a vibrant ICT Industry in Zimbabwe

After posting an article two days ago about presentations made at the ongoing eTech Africa event in Harare, readers asked us to publish a video of Mkhululi Ndlovu’s presentation about Building a vibrant ICT industry in Zimbabwe. We don’t have a video but we managed to get the full presentation document and we have an audio recording to share. Here:



And the audio;


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7 thoughts on “Presentation: Building a vibrant ICT Industry in Zimbabwe

  1. Great presentation! Clear and honest description of limitations and possible solutions but not very clear actual action points. I guess the time limit wouldn’t have allowed the author to go deeper into such things but it was really insightful!

    Here’s the thing, the author states that copying is one of the things we are doing wrong and I strongly agree. There is need for local, custom solutions that fit our context. But later on, the author uses an example of how India grew its economy, providing a model that Zimbabwe can learn a lot from. This is “self contradictory”, but it’s not wrong! That point could have been brought out better, IMO, by saying that copying is not necessarily bad, but you need to know why you’re copying and to what extent you should copy. There is a lot for Zimbabwe to use that has worked elsewhere but a lack of understanding of core fundamentals in many cases can make copying that would otherwise work, ineffective. Copying models that do work is not bad, replicating is what is bad. With a clear understanding of concepts we empower ourselves to either copy with pride, or create something from scratch that perfects other models already in existence.

    But we first have to build a knowledge economy (research is paramount) to do that. This will allow us to enjoy comparative advantages whilst helping build a solid foundation for the future.

    Wish I was at this event, Techzim you need to do better marketing/advertising of these events. Thanks for sharing what transpired there though.

      1. If Salvador Dali said it it doesn’t mean we should copy.learning from others and replication are 2 different things. Dali produced over 150 pieces of art between 1910 and 2003. I’m sure none of them were a replica of the Monalisa!

        1. Gat ya…the author of the comment i was replying to had already qualified to what extent & in what context one should copy. I was just buttressing an already qualified statement!

  2. nice presentation!! as a student i support him on the issue that we are being taught irrelevant technology.. higher education ministry should do somethng about our syllabus

  3. Fantastic presentation! Thanks Techzim for positing it up here I feel like i didn’t miss anything.If we can get more presentations if possible pls.

  4. Fantastic presentation. I like the point on exporting, our market is relatively small because of our population and those with access to technology. You may have a great product but an unsustainable market, to be successful you need to look out.

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