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Jumpstart event: Panel discussion on tech entrepreneurship

Jumpstart Panel

Jumpstart PanelOne of main objectives when we founded the Jumpstart initiative earlier this year was to “connect startup ICT entrepreneurs to mentors that can guide them on building successful businesses.” We are therefore happy to announce that next week, we’re will host an event to that realises that specific objective of mentorship.

On the evening of Thursday, 6 December 2012, we will have 4 entrepreneurs and technical executives from some of the largest companies locally as panellists in a discussion on tech entrepreneurship challenges faced locally and strategies to overcome them.

The event is in a moderated discussion format so attendees get to participate by asking questions and contribution their views. This ZOL sponsored discussion follows from the Jumpstart Challenge and BarCamp held in September this year. As such some of the judges from challenge are the panellists. The following:

  • David Behr – Founder and CEO of ZOL, Executive Director at Liquid Telecom
  • Leon de Fleuriot – Chief Commercial Officer – Products and Services at Econet Wireless Zimbabwe
  • Bester Zambuko – Founder and Group CEO of Adrenalin Advertising & Design
  • Matthew Masiyazi – Broadband and mCommerce at Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Their entrepreneurship and experience in the local economy give these panellists unique perspectives on the developments in the tech startup ecosystem.

While attendance is free of charge, you will need register to reserve yourself a place. Please register on the following url:

Please remember to share the message with other individuals whom you think will benefit from the discussion. For any questions about the event

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11 thoughts on “Jumpstart event: Panel discussion on tech entrepreneurship

  1. guys good initiative. Have you had a chance to speak to the Harare Institute of Technology Vice Chancellor Quinton Kanhukamwe. All his students go through a technopreneurship program and he is even working on assisting those graduates with practical ideas to set up high business etc etc very brilliant man with brilliant ideas about your topic for that day. It is sad that he is not part of your panel because he is probably the most relevant person on this topic in Zimbabwe today

    1. He should attend. If you are the good friend that you seem to be, you should advise him to attend and contribute. Being part of “the panel” is hardly the most important thing.

      1. not a good friend just appreciate what they are doing and just thought that at that level with what he is doing he will be worth an invite thats all . if you guy sthink they are not worth inviting thats fine too

        1. There are too many people in IT in Zim. Many doing great stuff, and it is impossible to invite them all. The event is free and open to anyone who wants to attend/contribute. Yet again, you are focusing on something petty, getting an invite…. If you read the article:

          While attendance is free of charge, you will need register to reserve yourself a place. Please register on the following url:

          Send him a link to the article if you truly think he’s worth his salt. Otherwise if you choose to be a cry baby,insisting on him being a panelist of being “invited”, then this wouldnt be the best thing for him.

          By the way, I do have suspicions that you are him. Its not important though. Just playing along to help u see reason.

  2. Jefry Makumbe [];;; Contact Jeffrey Makumbe for more information about HIT

  3. an example : Technopreneurship
    Development Centre (TDC)

    TDC is an integral component of HIT that is driven by the philosophy that
    technopreneurs can be created and developed with appropriate business
    technopreneurial skills, attitudes and motivation. Through its courses, the TDC
    inculcates technopreneurial values amongst students in order to develop knowledgeable
    and technological entrepreneurs through the institute’s academic programmes.

    also enhances the capabilities of new and existing entrepreneurs through
    technopreneurial development programmes. Through this centre, HIT produces
    graduates that can set up hi-tech enterprises on their own.

  4. in business there are some other things not money that are critical this interaction is very important.

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