New yellow pages site launched, & it comes with iOS & Android apps

Yellow Pages

Zimbabwe Yellow Pages have launched a stunning new website. The website serves as a portal to search for over 350,000 companies in their online database with profiles for Zimbabwean companies. You can basically search for Zimbabwe businesses on the internet; an online version of the traditional Yellow Pages concept but with maps, email addresses & and other stuff in the listings.

The site design was done by C2 Media, a digital agency that has been developing some of the best looking websites in the country.


The company also released an iOS and Android app. We have tested the Android app and it runs smoothly but keep in mind it does require an active Internet connection if you download it. The only shortcoming we noticed is that when one searches for a business they have not listed it only shows a blank page, without stating that the business is not listed.

The listings also look somewhat too plain, almost like the entries were just imported from their offline database. Take this listing of local internet provider YoAfrica for example, it would really be helpful if people could interact with the page; maybe rate the business and put a comment, or maybe check out related businesses, or even a link to save the contacts of the business to outlook or something. The listing just feels too much like a paper directory.

These negatives aside, the site is way better looking and more functional than the Directory Publishers’ own Yellow Pages website, which looks like a relic from the Windows 95 era. Would really be great if more local businesses launched great looking websites such as this one.

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18 thoughts on “New yellow pages site launched, & it comes with iOS & Android apps

  1. Thanks, Tendai, and TechZim, for the review. We have partnered with Zimbabwe Yellow Pages on this project, and will be continually working to update the site and the apps (including the BiNu app when it is ready). As we improve upon the quality of the data we currently hold, we will be adding features like mapping to the apps, and will offer a richer user experience on the site. We appreciate your feedback, and will take it all on board. Thanks again, the C2 Media Team.

    1. interesting, found this this wikipedia page(read the ‘logo’ section) . It seems many ‘yellow pages’ directories slightly modify this logo.

      cant say for sure if they are the same company, but it looks like they are not.

  2. This site is absolutely a success and it works. Well done to Yellow Pages and C2 Media for the launch. Wish you all success now and in your future endeavors.

  3. Welldone @twitter-14460072:disqus added a listing on the web and it was instantly available on the android app I had just installed.

    You guys are really doing good work…

  4. Very Nice website,but not sure if i really need an app for a directory,i think a mobile website is better. GOOD LUCK GUYS

    1. The current trends indicate that people prefer to use apps on smartphones, rather than opening websites.

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