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Sponsor profile: The Paynet and Autopay divisions of Payserv Group

Payserve Group

The ePayments Forum is a platform of common interest that seeks to bring together stakeholders in the plastic money, mobile money, and internet banking sector (collectively known as ePayments). The inaugural event is organised by Techzim events through the valued support of sponsorship partners:

Platinum/Lead Sponsorship: Ecocash / Econet Wireless

Gold Sponsorship: CardPro Africa


Silver Sponsorship: The Paynet and Autopay divisions of Payserv Group

Payserve GroupThe Payserv Group is Zimbabwe’s leading provider of Payments and Business Process Outsourcing services targeted at financial and related sectors. The group’s main business units comprises of Paynet Zimbabwe and Autopay Zimbabwe.

Paynet Zimbabwe provides an outsourced payments transfer platform which offers the Bank’s customers an easy, secure and cost effective method of delivering payments instructions to their respective Bank. All banks in Zimbabwe subscribe to the Paynet platform and linking over one thousand five hundred corporate institutions across all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy. The payments transfer platform is well known as the Paynet system in Zimbabwe and widely used for bulk multiple bank salary transfers, supplier payments and direct debits. This service brings significant value to the payments space in Zimbabwe, creating an efficient, cost effective and robust method of handling payments by banks.

The Paynet System provides a fast, convenient way of delivering payment instructions and receiving reports electronically. It helps Banks automate their back offices, eliminating inbuilt costs associated with manual and semi-automated payments processing. The Paynet Service utilises hardware resources that are already available within the financial institution. More importantly, users of the product pay for what they use on a monthly basis, thus freeing them from high license fees. Free Customer Support Services, which include product installations, support, training and professional consultation, is provided through the Call Center to both financial institutions and their respective corporate customers.

Payserve GroupRecently, insurance companies and Pension Funds Houses have started utilizing the Paynet Electronic Data Interchange platform for movement of bulk payments related data through an Automated Pension Data management platform, which incorporates the functionality to transport pension and insurance data from various corporates country wide. This entails Pension Houses or insurance companies receiving the payroll, pension or insurance data centrally while harnessing the financial sector network to ensure funds are remitted as a priori to pension or insurance data submission. The Paynet e-schedule system interfaces with pension administration back office systems thus eliminating manual processes. Both insurance and Pension Houses will enjoy cost reduction through back office automation, service quality improvements through timely collection of revenue, management of revenue leakages and facilitating receipt of clean data from their corporate customers.

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