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Holiday broadband deals: Africom offers double data

Africom MBB Christmas Special

Africom MBB Christmas SpecialThis deal has been on for a while actually – Since November according to Africom – and luckily for all of us, will be here for at least another month. Or let’s just pray competition forces them, to keep things low.

Until January 15 next year, Africom will be giving subscribers double the data they buy on the MiChoice mobile broadband service.

The service has been the choice connection for consumers needing a dongle based mobile broadband service because of its low tariffs. At US $25 for the first gigabyte of data and 5 cents per megabyte thereafter, Africom’s price is only beaten by Econet’s mobile WiMax service in the market, which costs 2.5 cents per MB for all usage.

Apart from low tariffs, Africom’s mobile broadband service, unlike most other offerings in market, also has a reputation for connection stability.

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  1. africom commercial rate is not 5 cents, its actually 2.5 cents. Econet charges 2.5 cents for Wimax services not for their broadband. This wimax is not ubiqous as africom’s.

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