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biNu adds EcoCash to its credits payment options

biNu EcoCash Message

biNu EcoCash MessageIn a story title “More problems for regular SMS: biNu credits now available locally” that we posted here a few weeks ago, we expressed our delight that biNu credits were now available locally. The Australian based company (which now has representatives locally) had just announced that its 200,000 Zimbabwean users could now buy its platform’s currency at Easi and YoTime vending points throughout the country. Some 200+ vending points.

But that’s nothing compared to this latest development; now you can buy biNu credits on Econet’s Mobile Money Transfer platform EcoCash. A message sent to my biNu Messenger inbox a number of days ago says the biNu is now an EcoCash merchant allowing the company to accept payments from EcoCash users. See a copy of the message on the right. Econet doesn’t charge for EcoCash transaction of $1 and below.

If you’re wondering why that’s a problem for SMS well, consider the fact that biNu lets you send 50 regular SMS messages for just US $1. The local MNOs charge a ridiculous 9 cents per SMS!


I can’t imagine myself ever paying 9 cents to send an SMS. It’s WhatsApp or biNu from now on!

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