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Apps giveaway: What’s uncool about this ZOL advert?


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Every now and again, people encounter strange stuff and are kind enough to send us a tip or ask us to investigate further. A kind reader did exactly that with the ZOL advert above that’s been running in the newspapers for at least 2 days now. There’s something quite uncool about this ad. Hint: it’s the kind of thing that will keep potential customers away.

If you can spot what’s really strange in this picture and put the answer as a comment below, we have a gift for you: a list of 23 gift voucher codes to redeem game apps from the iTunes US Store.

The iPhone users (who also like gaming 😉 ) among you will love the gift.  And as for the rest of us – I use Android myself – we can just comment anyway and get it right so we all know. We’ll close the giveaway at end of day today. if you need a larger version of the picture just click it.

Today’s giveaway is thanks to Stanely Choto


We’ve done the draw and the winning comment is the one by Violet Machoko.  Like most of you noted it’s the 100MB for $100. The correct prices are here.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

35 thoughts on “Apps giveaway: What’s uncool about this ZOL advert?

  1. The graphics. All coupon cards above the $100 card have their amounts graphically added(evidently in green and some unfortunately overlaid over the others)

    Poor design. Now, who wants my voucher?

  2. The amounts on the cards have been added poorly. They overlap onto the next card in some cases.

  3. Um. $100 for 100MB?! That’s a dollar a Meg. Even an Econet data bundle is only 10 cents / MB. And a uMax 100MB card is only 5 bucks! I mean, probably they just photo shopped the wrong dollar amount onto the 100MB card. But proof reading would have been a good idea. They should hire @mschoto as their proof reader!

  4. They have only indicated that $100 gets you 100mb without showing the data that you get with the other amounts.

      1. Is it because its a lady? People responded way before she did and she merely repeated what they said.

        1. @L.S.M Kabwesa Thank you so much for choosing me as the winner!! @6ca350b646c3489dab5a1e412c76c6c5:disqus Violet is a Man. (Bsc. Infor (Hons), MBA

  5. 1) That dog does not have an upper set of teeth
    2) Those cards with green values do not actually have those values, all have been POORLY pasted in.
    3) One can only wonder if $5 will get you only 5MB since 100MB is going for $100
    5) That dog is not cool at all.

    LOL. This is actually a very poor ad to be honest.

  6. its not clear wether the cards are on the grass or not, the dog’s in black and white yet the shades in color? the dog doesnt look like it liked the whole idea, looks like its saying $100 for 100mb? really? typa thing

  7. Definitely stock images used for the cards,and they never tried to properly align them…:( quite sad. I mean even the regular eye can note the overlap.

  8. dogs don’t browse the web ! why have a dog in there for an advert meant for humans? only a dog can’t resist the offer.

    it’s not a virtue for dog to be doggy but the doggines of dog to be dog makes it a dog.where the dogs at?

  9. I do appreciate the modest reminder that attention to detail is of uttermost importance. Needless to say, let me take this opportunity to correct a few facts.

    The ZOLspot Scratch cards are available in the following denominations and for the value stated.

    100Mb for $5

    225Mb for $10

    500Mb for $20

    1Gb for $35

    2Gb for $60

    4Gb for $100
    **notice that for $100 you get up to as low as 25cents a Megabyte.

    We apologize to our customers for this clumsy add.

    1. FAIL!

      4Gb for $100
      **notice that for $100 you get up to as low as 25cents a Megabyte.

      We apologize to our customers for this clumsy add.

      You don’t get much worse than 25c per megabyte! I’m sure you meant to say 2.5c/MB 😛 And while we’re at it, “advert” is shortened to “ad” NOT “add”.
      I’d normally let the spelling bit go, but you DID mention attention to detail 😉

  10. Photo shop can bite you hard when you’ve rushed the touch up.
    Wow $100 for 100mb – that is 10 x a very expensive v sat rate.
    Please show us what we get for $5, $, $25 etc

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