Press Release: Econet reaches 8 Million customers


Econet logoThe festive season once again saw a bumper rise in Econet subscribers with the company reporting that it has crossed the 8-million level for the first time, supported by the recent introduction of Buddie Zone.


Econet Wireless Commercial Director Mr George Barbaressos confirmed the new figures, saying the demand for Econet lines remains “very, very strong”.

“People have realised that we offer the best value in every respect, in terms of value for money, in terms of the best product range, the best coverage and the best customer service” he said.


Mr Barbaressos, one of the very few expatriates working at Econet, said the key factor in Econet’s dominance was investment. “We have spent and continue to spend more money on our network than all our competitors combined.”

He said 2013 was going to be very much about customer service and customer experience. “It’s our main focus,” he said.

“We are going to spend significantly on customer service this year. We are going to expand and improve our network of shops, expand our call centres, and we are going to train our staff to ensure that the core values of our founder drive the company at all levels.” he added.

Meanwhile the company also announced that EcoCash customers have also crossed 2 million for the first time.

Press release provided by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

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10 thoughts on “Press Release: Econet reaches 8 Million customers

  1. Any word on how Econet counts subscribers? Any chance on getting clarification on that? I have had at least 3 Econet numbers and I fear they might consider me to be 3 subscribers… Is it *active* subscribers, or do they count total number of SIMs activated over time? If it’s active subscribers, it’s active over how many days/weeks?

    1. The POTRAZ standard is to measure active SIM cards over 3 months. Active being a SIM card that has engaged in a revenue making action like receiving a call, making a call, receiving SMS and so on

      1. Thanks for the clarification. That’s a huge piece of the marketshare pie, especially when considering the recently-released population census results and accounting for age demographics

  2. Yes please customer service must be your pillar of growth. This country badly needs another service provider to offer better service than the current crop of telcom operators. 111 is just a number

  3. The do need to improve their call centre…getting through to the automated voice is now not a problem, however having someone pick up before the call cuts itself is still another.

    And can I ask TZ if they know who’s responsible for our emergency number 112?…Its been down for several years and maybe its time the mobile/emergency operators bought it back? It used to be so efficient and Im sure it can save lives where quick responses are needed such as in bad car wrecks or sever asthma attacks.

  4. “We are going to spend significantly on customer service this year. We are going to expand and improve our network of shops . . .” For Econet, its all about getting the money from our pockets, why not try to also work on VAS, am not a very big fan of cheap things, but promotions like the Telecel and Netone ones show some commitment towards placing customers first, ahead of profits. I dont know how the incresed network of shops will help achieve that!

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