Mxit to host the premiere of full-length feature film


A Lucky Man on MxitIn what’s set to be a first for social networks, Mxit announced today the exclusive premiering of full-length feature film on its mobile social network. A South African feature film called A Lucky Man will start showing exclusively on the network. The movie will be available via a Mxit app called Cinemo.

According to a press release sent out today by Mxit, the movie can be downloaded by users in 4 minute segments that will be released each weekday starting today. The movie clips have been optimized for feature phones with each clip not larger than 2MB.

“We know the power of video and want to use this to encourage conversations about social issues such as drug abuse, HIV/Aids and gangsterism” said Marlon Parker, VP of Mxit Reach. Mxit Reach is Mxit’s social initiatives arm.


Mxit is Africa’s largest mobile social network. Founded primarily to provide a cheaper instant messaging based alternative to SMS, the company has in recent years been working to evolve into a full featured mobile social networking platform. Mxit faces competition from apps offering similar services such as biNu, WeChat, WhatsApp and indeed Facebook.

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