Now you can buy your Lobola cattle online says RLMS

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RLMS - Remote Livestock Marketing System

“In the good old days, the traditional ‘rusambo’ was a gift of cattle. Today that can be quite daunting for the groom to be – where, how and who does one get to find, look at, buy and transport the cattle to the bride’s family? Does the bride’s family have the capacity to keep and look after the animals? Can you trust the person doing the buying, especially if you are living on the other side of the planet?”

This is a problem that RLMS, a Zimbabwean online cattle auction service, say they have found a solution for. Short for Remote Livestock Marketing System, RLMS launched last year in March and went on to win the ZOL Jumpstart Challenge startup competition in September last year.  When they won last year, founder Allister Banks, indicated they were looking into providing a solution for people needing to buy Lobola cattle via the website.  Today, the startup announced the additional service on their website and Twitter.

Lobola is basically Bride price, money and (in Southern Africa) cattle paid by a groom to his bride’s family when he marries her. Sometimes a groom can just pay the cash value of the cattle but sometimes the bride’s family insists on live cattle which presents the problem described by RLMS above. Those looking for Lobola cattle can just registering on the site and go through the cattle on offer look up their particulars and start bidding on the website.


According to the announcement, customers that have nowhere to put the cattle immediately can have their newly bought beasts kept at RLMS’s partner farms where they are looked after and monitored by RLMS for a monthly fee.


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  1. Member says:

    Could be good if they took may 100us from the prize and removed “Make a free website with Yola!”

  2. tinm@n says:


    I could be mistaken, but wasn’t ZOL sponsoring with a year’s hosting for the prize winner? Surely they could offer that

  3. Gweja says:

    Great idea with great potential but i think they need to fix these 2 things.

    1). Lose the “jumpstart-challenge” name and con a proper business-minded name! RLMS?? seriously!Imagine telling ur tezvara, “mombe tinadzo but dziri ku RLMS”…aghh

    2). Hosting costs $4 a month. Please get a proper domain name and reliable hosting platform.

  4. ndozvinei says:

    my goodness, is that their final site or are they still working on it?

  5. Antony Masocha says:

    l am very sorry

  6. mamoyo says:

    very innovative, keep the entrepreneurial mind up

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