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Sad to see Posterous die


posterousWe were born on Posterous just more than 3 years ago. The service made blogging so startable. You’d just email an imaginary friend to post a new article. I started writing about stuff I was passionate about, Technology in Zimbabwe; technology platforms, companies leveraging the internet and mobile in new interesting ways.

We migrated from Posterous afterwards to Blogger, then WordPress, then the self hosted WordPress we’re on today. But yeah, sad to see the service being turned off.

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6 thoughts on “Sad to see Posterous die

    1. It will be everything you expect in a blog platform – simple and modern…..

      Everything you expected and liked about Posterous will eventually be in Posthaven. Things like post by email, multiple users, pages and links, full HTML theming, and the bookmarklet.

      Whose problem exactly are they solving? All that is already available in most blogging platform.

      1. They’re the same cop playing good cop and bad cop. They sell Posterous, & come now as if they are a group of people not happy about the Posterous ending. SMH

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