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The fact sheet: Telecel Red packages

Telecel Red

Telecel RedToday, Telecel launched its Telecel Red product, which is basically a fixed payment plan platform meant to attract subscribers back to the post-paid plans (contract lines). We posted a press release from the company earlier. The product is targeting the middle to upper income bracket customers, who according to information so far, will get preferential treatment as customers in terms of support.

We thought we’d post a summary of the Telecel Red product using an edited fact sheet that the company provided. Here:

1)      There are three Telecel Red packages: Telecel Red 30 for $30 per month, Telecel Red 60 for $60 per month and Telecel Red 150 for $150 per month.

2)      Contracts are for 12 months or, if a handset is included, 24 months.

3)      Contracts can be post-paid or flexible (hybrid) contracts depending on the customer’s preference.

4)      With Telecel Red 30, which costs $30 per month, the benefits are:

  • Unlimited calls to a preferred Telecel number specified by the subscriber.
  • Up to $30 per month worth of local calls, text messages and data.
  • Bonus 60 megabytes of data.

5)      The Telecel Red 60 package, which costs $60 per month, operates in a similar way but with more benefits that include:

      • Unlimited calls to any Telecel number.
      • Unlimited local text messages.
      • Bonus 120 megabytes of data.
      • Up to $60 per month worth of local calls, text messages and data.

6)      The Telecel Red 150 package, which costs $150 per month, allows:

  • Unlimited local calls across all networks.
  • Unlimited local text messages.
  • Unlimited data in Zimbabwe

7)      International calls and international text messages are not included in the packages.

8)      For usage outside of the package benefits, such as international calls, or to continue making calls if the package credit limit has been reached, a flexible plan customer can load airtime using normal recharge cards or vouchers.

9)  Post-paid customers will be billed for any usage outside of the package benefits at the end of the billing cycle.

10)  Postpaid customers will be able to continue making calls up to a set limit, after which they will be advised by text message that the credit limit has been reached. They will then have to make a payment to continue usage or recharge if they are on the flexible option.

11)  Unlimited calls in all three packages are subject to the Fair Usage Policy (FUP), meaning that if usage is excessively more than could be expected of an average person, usage may be restricted.

12)  Telecel Red customers get priority treatment through Red Desks at Telecel offices and a dedicated Red Customer Care team at Telecel’s Call Centre.

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8 thoughts on “The fact sheet: Telecel Red packages

  1. If its unlimited Data in Zimbabwe… what do i get in terms of international data? Further to this does anyone know if you can transfer “credit” from the main pool to data? This is very key for me and will be the selling point if any for me.

  2. I’ve been praying for something like this but I’m seeing way too many flaws in the wording as well as in the execution. :

    1. In the $30 package it is unclear whether you get OR if you’re just buying in addition to the unlimited calls to chosen number and measley 60MB data. There’s a world of difference between the former and latter there.

    2. The $60 package only doubles the “free” data ration and mentions unlimited SMS (suggesting the less desirable answer to point 1) but this is not much of a sweetener for someone already spending a regular $60/month on phone usage. That’s voice caller usage, and the are FAR superior bulk SMS services out there.

    .3. That “unlimited data in Zimbabwe” line is worthless IF they mean unlimited *local* data.

    4. The “fair usage” policy is suspicious. I’m not a heavy user by any
    means, but I’d like to know just what the network considers “excessive”
    and why the heck they call it unlimited if it’s subject to any of that
    fair usage bull?

    In fact now I think about it, the only thing I like about this offering from telecel is the free calls to chosen number (because my girlfriend, eish!). I would suggest packages based on free SMS, fixed daily free minutes and more competitive data bundling, e.g.:
    $30 = 30min/day + 250sms + 250MB data + 1 unlimited telecel number
    $60 = 45min/day + 300sms + 500MB + 3 unlimited telecel numbers
    $90 = 60min/day + unlimited sms + 2 GB + 5 unlimited numbers
    $150 = unlimited everything except international calls
    You’d probably have people begging to sign up!

  3. Signed up… all you need is a copy of your ID if you go the flex route. You pay in advance as opposed to post paid and if you need to juice up or add bundles etc. you get the regular scratch cards..

    1. oh you can make changes once a month for free after that its $5 if you choose the basic package

  4. Can someone explain “unlimited data in Zimbabwe”. Is it unlimited data if I’m browsing in Zimbabwe or is it unlimited data for Zimbabwe traffic. If it’s the latter, this plan is worthless for me, I’m still being billed for YouTube, GMail, 9Gag, Twitter, etc. Can anyone clarify

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