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C2 Media launches Zweely, a network of local sites & mobile apps Sites SitesC2 Media, a local digital design & development company, has launched a network of local web and mobile properties. From information on the Zweely website, a common feature of the properties will be an emphasis on mobile and social. There’s also clear emphasis on appealing design (to us at least), something C2 clearly excels at.

Zweely right now lists projects that are already live as well as a few that are coming up. The live ones right now are;

  • YellowPages (which we covered last year here)
  • adz (a new online advertising network),
  • Kumusika a classifieds site we’ll mention a bit more about below
  • apps of the TelOne directory
  • a url shortener called
  • a kind of social network called Yakanaka based on “sounds, the pictures, the videos to show the magic” of Zimbabwe, and
  • apps to help internet users find ZOLspot and MAXspots Wi-Fi networks in Zimbabwe.

Those not live yet are; the HIFA 2013 digital presence, Vidiyo and Sasa, a bulk email, WhatsApp and SMS service.

What’s caught our eye so far is the Kumusika website and mobile apps. Though we failed to create an account because an error in the system wouldn’t let us, we imagine it works mostly like other classifieds sites; i.e. you post your adverts, view adverts by other people and, for a fee create your own storefront if you’re company.

Classifieds sites are aplenty in Zimbabwe but only one company, Webdev, has been able to unlock the classifieds chicken and egg problem’s answer – enough sellers are attracted by enough buyers, who themselves are attracted by enough sellers. A marketplace has to be busy somehow or at least show that it is.

C2 may be onto something in that regard; they have so far convinced some large companies to create storefronts and basically wait for the people to come. Econet for example has a store on the site and a source tells use the products on the site are discounted. C2 may also be onto something in, that unlike the current king of the hill they focus on mobile, both smartphones (IOS and Android apps of Kumusika) and feature phones (via biNu).

It’s too early to say what chance the other sites and apps have in the market. It’ll be interesting to see. We’d like to hear your opinion though; which site in the network do you think will make it to become a popular destination on the web?

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18 thoughts on “C2 Media launches Zweely, a network of local sites & mobile apps

  1. Thanks for the article Limbikani. We have sorted the registration issue on Kumusika (due to moving servers). We are very keen to get people’s opinions on these apps and ideas for other products and services you would like to see out there.

  2. I like the fact that there are now more local apps on the iOS platform. Devs normally shy away from iOS… Big thanx to C2 and keep it up.

  3. I respect this. I have a lot of questions though on how these apps generate revenue.

  4. Well done @9fcb63e628ece2f67e39924d6e23ef55:disqus and the C2 crew, you guys are definitely setting new standards for Zimbabwean solutions.

    @34ad742f3983e298213cb69673f57300:disqus I expect the inline ads are what generates revenue.

  5. I think but they need also to create apps for basic phones like eg. X2, C3 using java (.jar) because many people can’t afford a smartphone or a tablet, so they still use simple phones.

    1. Hi Loyd – have you tried installing the biNu application? That is a Java app.

      1. I personally use an iPad 3, I was speaking for or on behalf of less privileged people ( thanks for the info).

        1. thank you. The more privileged looking out for us. 🙂 Charitable salad… refreshing indeed

  6. I think I’m gonna cry. The websites are so beautiful I don’t think I’ve seen anything made in Zim that puts so much emphasis into their design. I just feel like throwing my money to them.

  7. Wow C2 how on earth are coming up with these designs! Beautiful! I think you should offer an internship to one lucky techzim reader/developer to hopefully spread this beauty across all of Zims sites. 🙂

  8. can’t think of a practical use for the url shortener… aren’t those like 2007 thingies that were obsoleted when every platform decided to do their own shortening? or am I missing some local use somewhere in there?

    1. is this a c2 media product or your mean that techzim should also write an article about this site you just posted?

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