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iDrive introduces a web based provisional driver’s test app

NonameIt’s quiz applications season! Over the past two months we covered two startups that have built quiz type web and desktop applications. The first one was school revision mobile (and social) web startup, then there was Prov Labs who have done a provisional driver’s license test desktop application.

Recently, we got contacted by iDrive Zimbabwe, pointing us to a website they have come up with to solve basically the same problem Prov Labs is solving, but via the web. Remember we questioned Prov Labs’s decision to do desktop first and their response was that they had found people actually prefer to access the app even (especially actually) when they are off the net. Well, iDrive thinks it’s the other way.

Unlike the other two quiz applications, iDrive is free for anyone to use. They are focused on adverts for revenue. In terms of the content, information from them says they have about 500 Zim provisional driving test questions. This is your road signs, ‘which car goes first’ questions, and so on.

They’ll also, according to their email to us, have a directory of driving schools in Zimbabwe, probably for the purposes of helping people choose where they’ll do their training once they pass the test.

iDrive uses the Joomla CMS and a component called ARI Quiz.

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16 thoughts on “iDrive introduces a web based provisional driver’s test app

  1. I scanned the word Joomla and realized how not so Eco Friendly this post was… This comment is brought in the intrests to save all Penguins and Innocent Animals that have perished due to the use of J….{the word was censored in the intrest to save innocent butterflies who have perished due to the use of J…{.. this is now boring}

  2. @nerudo tipe yako ka isina word rinonzi joomla. this is a good site serving the purpose and I am sure its gonna help a lot of people including me. good work guys

    1. Lol I thouhgt my comment made it clear Im not a developer Im just concerned about Animals. Im a conservation specialist on a movement.

      I actually also dont have a licence now that I think of it 🙁

  3. I also used the site before this article was posted here, and I think it does serve its purpose, User of the site will not necesarily care wether its J or W or H or T or M or L, or they want is a useful site, which is what they gave us here

    1. maybe but i think the more the better. as implied in the article, these guys are offering what the other guys are not and that is making this a free service

  4. Visited the site…design looks pretty clean though the ads at the bottom look kinda desparate but I guess the webmaster’s gotta make some mula! I’ve found from previous ventures that getting steady traffic is a must before even implementing ads. Once you can show advertisers your numbers you can be sure you’ll be able to charge them much higher premiums or even manage to strike a pretty cool deal with a single company!

    And I hope this was my “mis-click” but I did notice a pop-up to on my first click of the webpage…Thats a big no no and I thought pops ups only still survived on overzelous file sharing sites.

    Another minor thing I did notice was that they’re missing an “about” page…Its not important to some…whilst important to others.

    And finally, I certainly hope no one else is going to bash them for using Joomla…is the site serving its purpose?…Yes. So what problem is there 🙂

  5. took their sample test and it works well on mobile (smart phone). and that’s my only quibble with the much loved techzim site. a little mobile friendly love will go a long way

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