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Sorry for the newsletter mix-ups: here’s how to subscribe again

Over the past week or so, we fumbled clumsily with the migration of our newsletter system from Google to Aweber. Clumsy because we lost some of you, some of you were made to re-subscribe, and the emails you got were not clear about what was happening. We’re sincerely sorry. We should have done this in a much smoother painless way for everyone.

If, because of this change, you find you’re not getting your daily emails anymore, there’s a simple painless way to add yourself back again: Just click through to our subscriptions page,, sign up and the emails will resume.

And if you didn’t know about the daily updates, hey, what better time to join than when we’re past the rough patches! Click through for a unique on-the-ground focus on tech news & opinions in your email everyday.

As usual, thank you so much for the patience you continue to have with us.

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3 thoughts on “Sorry for the newsletter mix-ups: here’s how to subscribe again

    1. google are shutting down there feedburner services which is likely what the old newsletter was sent via

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