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TelOne requires “some money” for fibre stuff

A somewhat confusing report today in the government owned Sunday Mail says TelOne requires a total $76 million for fibre optic roll out. The article breaks down the $76 million into;

  • Harare to Kariba – $28m
  • Harare to Mutare – $7m
  • Harare to Bulawayo – $15m
  • Bulawayo to Victoria Falls – $15m
  • Bulawayo to Beitbridge – $12m

Yes, that works out to $77m. But inside they said “at least” so…

Anyway, the report then says that actually the Harare to Mutare leg was completed in 2010. So maybe that $7m is not needed anymore? Or maybe they need to service a loan, which then means this is not for the purposes of “fibre optic roll out”? Harare to Bulawayo too is “completed” since a whole year ago it says next.. Ah! We give up. If only the government press knew how much we rely on them for what happening at government companies, they’d work harder at this.

For now, we’ll just know that TelOne just needs some money to do some fibre stuff…

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9 thoughts on “TelOne requires “some money” for fibre stuff

    1. They probably would rather not be beholden to a competitor. Redundancy seems like a good thing to me – if they can afford it.

  1. After recently lost two redundant links internet being provided from one tunnel, l encourage every isp in zim to dig there tunnels if money permits.

    Then they can build handshake points with each to provide backup so that they can help each other when links go down.

  2. One can only hope with all these duplicate fibre routes, Zim is set to have Africa’s most affordable, reliable and fastest internet….but for now with greed at the top of most ISPs agenda thats all but a distant dream.

  3. So basically what Telone announced here is just a “high sounding nothing” because there is no information contained in this article at all

  4. We can blame the reporter who obviously had nothing to say but had to say something to justify his/her paycheck so he/she picked a story he/she overhead in a pub but had no full details and was too lazy to investigate… just thinking

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