ELearning Africa conference to kick off in Namibia this week

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elearning-africaThe 8th annual eLearning Africa conference will take place in Namibia this week. The event is organised by the ICWE GmbH and is this year hosted by the Namibian government. ELearning Africa attracts policy makers, professionals and organisations working in ICT and education from across Africa to discuss topical issues around ICT for Education and Development. This year’s theme is Tradition, Change and Innovation.

According to the programme, the focus this year will be on “local innovation in education, on tablets, mobiles and MOOCs (something we’re just finding out to mean Massive open online course), on healthcare delivery and on livelihoods and agriculture, especially for rural communities.”

You can check out the full programme of the event here and the highlights here.

This year, the eLearning Africa


Sponsors and supporters of this year’s eLearning Africa include the United Nations, European Commission, Dell, Wyse, Microsoft and NComputing among others.


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