If you had unlimited broadband at unlimited speed, what would you use it for?

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broadband-forum-logoYesterday, as part of the Broadband Forum build up, we asked our followers on Facebook a question:  If you had unlimited broadband at unlimited speeds, what would you use it for?

The responses we got ranged from those that want to consume more content (education, entertainment, social, business), those that would use it to create more content, those that would use it to host content more efficiently, to those that would share the connectivity. We got about 55 responses in total, but we thought we’d share here just a few of the interesting ones. You can access the full thread on Facebook.

I’d setup an Internet WIFI Hotspot in my neighbourhood so all the school kids, Varsity & College students and even madharamadhara can do all their research on the internet freely. Access to information is vital and there are many out there who don’t have access to information. Students could benefit from accessing a wider range of subject information. Younger kids can find out what’s happening beyond our borders in the global village. A lesson in history via the internet can unearth much more information compared to a text book written 20 years ago. Those who are looking for business opportunities can easily do so. My free WIFI hotspot could help my community become an educated and up-to-date community that has access to the latest information on anything. – James Ritala

Create an e-learning platform for small scale gold miners. – Chrispen Machipisa


I would introduce free internet cafes in rural schools across the country and e-learning centres in all marginalised places in the country – Enycourse Ziira

Spread the word of GOD – Lyson Bhamusi

Downloading and streaming TED videos. – Chakanetsa Simango

Run an unencumbered wifi spot at Plumtree border post. – Nqobile Ncube

I’d show companies like TelOne how to run an ISP properly and start a local Datacentre for people to host servers/websites – Anthony Somerset

Sell Wi-Fi access for a dollar an hour to my neighbours and passersby. I live in a flat. EcoCash accepted. – Christopher Pade

Have an online tutorial school on web developments and design at an affordable price – Sayi Dzikiti

…Money for DSTV subscription would be saved by watching TV programs using the broadband internet. – Tatenda Kasose

I would help those who are eager to learn but can’t afford the resources – Casper Tino Chimutumbira

I would do my online courses and download tutorials. something HARD TO DO RIGHT NOW – Kudakwashe Chisepo

And finally!

I am sure I would create my own time machine – Maxwell Nyatsambo

What about you? If you had unlimited broadband at unlimited speeds, what would you use it for?


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  1. TheOnlyHonestGuyHere says:

    Pictures of naked people

  2. build my own piratebay for peer to peer network and promote online PIRACY in Zimbabwe, making sure local content is available 24/7 and make revenue from advertising!

    1. anthonysomerset says:

      do you really want to publicly advertise that? I mean its not just the average zimbabwean that will read that comment but also the very people that hunt pirates down and sue them for every cent they have – They like to focus on the ring leaders/people running the networks promoting piracy etc as that is where they will make the most impact for least amount of effort

      1. I’m not being mean or rude… I’m being honest

  3. pikachu says:

    Download.all.the.internets! Then when I recover my sanity, get back onto website’s like pixel corps and level up.

  4. Robert Ndlovu says:

    Tripple Play

    Voice , IPTV & Data

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