Mawindi, it emerges, was actually fired from CEO job at Telecel Zimbabwe

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Telecel Zimbabwe CEO Francis Mawindi
The former Telecel CEO, Francis Mawindi

The lid is finally starting to come off on the circumstances surrounding Francis Mawindi’s sudden ‘voluntary’ exit from Telecel two months. A report just posted on NewsDay today reveals that the former Telecel Zimbabwe CEO, Francis Mawindi was fired from his job. The official position from Telecel is that Mawindi “decided to pursue other opportunities outside the group”, which from this latest revelation is likely not true.

The information came out as part of a labour case between the erstwhile CEO and his former employer to be heard next week. Mawindi is demanding either to be US $1 million for the untoward dismissal damages or to be reinstated as the CEO of Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile operator by number of subscriptions.

Mawindi, the report says, had his 3 year contract terminated (he was barely a year into the contract) and he was summarily dismissed by a “bush court” headed by Telecel Zimbabwe chairman James Makamba that convened in Egypt.

Bickering about who and how Telecel Zimbabwe is led, the split of ownership between the two mafias, how many expats the company employs, where it buys its supplies and all other such, are issues that dog the company every once a while. And we’re figuring the fact that a 20 year license renewal is at stake right now is not helping matters at all.


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    Get one million plus up to 12 months’ wages as compensation for your unfair dismissal

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