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Even cheaper internet as Africom launches unlimited data for $35 promo

Africom logoIn a market that’s increasingly competitive, internet providers have to do more to attract subscribers. That more is in the tune of $35 for unlimited internet in the case of Africom, making entrenching their position in the market as the provider with the lowest priced internet in Zimbabwe. The new prices are just a promo though and according to an official source at Africom, the promo will run for 3 months.

According to the source, the company has great capacity to handle so many subscribers on their network. Along with the announcement of the new prices Africom also advised us they are making it clear that people with their own CDMA devices can use them on the Africom network. Being one of the first CDMA players in Zimbabwe, Africom had to rely on importing its own dongles and mobile phones to sell to subscribers when they launched.

But now PowerTel, another CDMA provider locally, has a sizable market that Africom could feed from in terms of users moving between networks. The company also says that there are individuals who are importing CDMA devices on their own from Asia. “We know customers are visiting China and other parts of the world hence accessing these CDMA devices and we are saying YES they do work on our network so please come and be part of the promotion.” said the source.

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16 thoughts on “Even cheaper internet as Africom launches unlimited data for $35 promo

    1. If you don’t have a clear message why bother commenting? Can’t tell if you are making a statement about Africom’s *actual* coverage or just bitching that signal is poor in your location. Or for all I know it could be something else entirely…

      1. Every think you just said is correct. sorry i was drunk yesterday i don’t remember posting this. i was trying to say most of these ISP only cover Harare and most of us live outside CBD.

  1. Greeeat!!….Bye bye powertel (for now)…I used Africom and constantly got 1-1.5mbps however surfing with that impending “finishing of the megabytes” looming over my back was not fun which is why I made do with powertel and econet combined. It is important to note though that Africom signal is very location biased…as in though I can get 1mbps speeds in my area, other places I’ve heard horror stories similar to powertels. So before buying into this, make sure you test the quality of connection in your area.

  2. How does the promo work? When does it start? Has it already started? Essential questions you have bothered to answer

    1. It has already started. I’m currently using the promo myself. Apparently you have to subscribe for it at the actual africom offices, at least that’s how i did it. its working well. I’m a heavy user (downloads and content heavy websites etc), at times it seems the speed is being throttled but after hours and weekends it works pretty well

  3. Is Africom able to push service to a device say i have a CDMA phone which does not take a sim card?

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